meGAME recalls the moment of disappointment when there was no audience

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2021-06-09 12:00:55

On the afternoon of June 4, 2021, METUB Network officially held an online workshop “METUB Creator Lab: Summer Talk 2021” to interact and chat with the audience with creators. Especially, there are two guests who are two popular content creators under the METUB Network system, meGAME and Fabo Nguyen. During the talk, the two YouTubers had very honest sharing from their own stories about the journey from bewilderment due to not knowing where to start to the overwhelming feeling when achieving “historical milestones”. history”.

meGAME, Fabo Nguyen and METUB Network comply with the mask wearing rule at the Summer Talk 2021 workshop.

Appearing on YouTube for the first time in August 2019, meGAME is a group of young people who love playing games and want to spread this passion to the community. After nearly 2 years of operation, so far meGAME has scored 750,000 meFANs on the YouTube platform. To talk about that memorable 2-year period, the meGAME representative said: “From the very beginning, meGAME’s obstacle was that there were too many people making game content, even long before me. So. How can meGAME be different and stand out?We spent a lot of time thinking together with the team to come up with the best solution.And meGAME also realized that “being yourself” is important. most important to attract and retain viewers”. MeGAME’s efforts to research, research and listen to the audience have yielded certain results when earning for this channel an average of 500,000 views per video – a formidable number for a gaming channel today.

METUB Creator Lab: Summer Talk 2021: meGAME recalls the moment of disappointment when there was no audience - Photo 2.

meGAME is gradually creating its own color, different from other channels with the same topic.

The most prominent series of meGAME include game theory, game analysis, top 5 mysteries and joke reviews. The meGAME representative also shared a message to content creators that listening to the audience is the secret of a successful YouTube channel: “We have tried many ways to attract viewers. From posting a lot. clips at a time, until frequency spacing, and changing tactics many times.In the end, I realized that I need to focus more on the audience, need to know what my audience wants. The audience likes the funny meGAME At best, I will create a lot of content like that, which is both true to the nature of meGAME and to the interests of the audience.”

METUB Creator Lab: Summer Talk 2021: meGAME recalls the moment of disappointment when there was no audience - Photo 3.

meGAME always wants to convey fun and positivity about gaming to change the way people are looking at this field.

The “job” of being a YouTuber has always been likened to “making a bride of a hundred families”, the popularity has brought meGAME a large meFAN community, but also caused this game channel to receive negative criticism from the online community. . The representative of meGAME channel said that the members of the team were initially affected a lot by malicious words, but thanks to the encouragement and positive comments from the beloved audience, meGAME has gained more. inspiration to continue with meFAN to conquer the upcoming milestone of 1,000,000 subs.

If Fabo Nguyen only watches videos of the creators he plays with and doesn’t watch much to avoid duplicating ideas, meGAME was inspired by many other game channels to launch products bearing the personality of meGAME by the concept of meGAME. “Audiences watch the channel because they like the person who made it”. True to the vibrant spirit of summer, METUB Network and two guests both believe that summer is a golden time – “natural time, favorable terrain, human harmony” to produce interesting, novel and breakthrough content. . Game YouTuber also did not forget to remind the audience to support the meGAME channel to reach 1,000,000 subs so that the members can be officially revealed.

METUB Creator Lab

This is a recurring event series that is held once a quarter. The METUB Creator Lab is a place where the METUB Network connects closer and deeper, as well as providing interesting and productive activities for both your Creator and YouTube channel.

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