Men’s watches priced under 1 million brands are good, where to buy?

Men’s watches priced under 1 million brands are good, where to buy?

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2021-04-16 22:16:40

Men’s watches priced below 1 million are mostly fake, buyers are careful

Less than 1 million is the segment “struggling” for a brand watch, while the fake watch is quite bustling. The simple reason is that the counterfeits do not cost much, are processed from cheap materials, and use poor quality machinery.

Fake watches are rampant, especially in the low-end segments like men’s watches priced under 1 million

The buyers have to buy counterfeit products, partly because they are not confident when wearing the watch in crowded places, partly because the quality is too low to cause damage easily, you have to spend continuous maintenance later, but if the watch is genuine, it is not. so.

Instructions to buy genuine men’s watches priced under 1 million

In fact, it is completely okay to choose to buy a brand-name watch, a famous brand with a price of 1 million. But the number of brands in this segment is quite limited, so buyers need to pocket a few tips right away.

First, learn about the brand before you buy

Brand is what makes quality. The more famous the brand is, the higher the price and the proven quality from a large number of users.

And with the segment of men’s watches under 1 million, Casio is doing the best in this problem, while most are less reputable brands in the market that make buyers complain about quality.

If in the segment of men’s watches under 1 million, Casio is the recommended brand

Accordingly, Casio is a famous watch brand from Japan with a long history since 1946. It has many years of product lines from electronic watches, Casio Edifice, Casio Sheen, G-Shock & Baby. -G.

Second, check the specifications and product information

Most cheap watches use poor quality materials that easily lead to scratches, inexpensive movements that cause large watches to erroneously, quickly run out of battery or get into water even when washing hands or going to rain normally.

However, with Casio, this is difficult to happen because it only uses mid-range materials or more to process men’s watches priced below 1 million. Including metal, genuine leather strap, hard glass / plastic glass, … and some advanced plating technology to support the color.

Men’s watches under 1 million genuine goods almost all use quartz movements because if they assemble the mechanical movement, the processing cost will be very expensive – Photo: Casio MRW-200H-1B2VDF (Price 776,000 VND)

At the same time, the water resistance of men’s watches below 1 million reaches at least 3ATM (the most basic parameter on a wristwatch), ensuring comfortable hand washing and low rainfall without compromising the quality of the watch. .

Third, check the warranty period of the product

Many customers default to men’s watches priced below 1 million will not be warranted, but all genuine watches are subject to warranty according to regulations. Without this policy there is a high risk of counterfeiting.

Specifically, although in the cheap segment of less than 1 million (or even cheaper), Casio also has to guarantee 1 year international warranty. Product has a warranty card attached and is applicable at all warranty centers across the country.

Although it is a low-end segment, the product still has full warranty policy and additional warranty from Hai Trieu Dong Ho dealer.

Particularly, customers who buy men’s watches priced under 1 million from Casio at major dealers such as Hai Trieu Watches, buyers also receive some other exclusive policies such as 4-year warranty, 1-for-1 if fault Free lifetime battery replacement, free shipping, …

Fourth, looking for a safe place to buy men’s watches under 1 million

Men’s watches priced under 1 million are many large and small watch shops, reputable and not reputable business. However, not all are of the same quality. Customers should look to an authorized genuine dealer.

In Vietnam, Anh Khue is the Exclusive Distributor of the Casio brand name. All products are affixed with anti-counterfeiting stamps and continue to be distributed to dealers nationwide.

List of certified authorized dealers from Distributor Anh Khue

Genuine dealers must be authenticated by Anh Khue on official websites, for example Dong Ho Hai Trieu. Products sold in Hai Trieu must also have anti-counterfeiting stamps and a full warranty as prescribed.

At the same time, Hai Trieu has many exclusive after-sales policies added so that buyers do not have to roll back the goods and feel secure to use them throughout the future.

Genuine men’s watch dealer


Hotline: 19006777.


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