Mercedes-Benz G-Class adds a new version, making Vietnamese giants’ hearts beat

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2021-04-05 21:33:42

(CHK) Information about the new version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is making many people who love the German car company feel excited.

At the end of last year, Mercedes Benz confirmed that the popular G-Wagen will sooner or later have a purely electric version following the German brand’s long-term development strategy. Previously, this issue was also mentioned by some Mercedes Benz leaders but did not mention specific details.

Up to this year, it seems that Mercedes-Benz has started to move around the pure-electric G-Class when MBEQ forum discovered that two new names were registered by the German carmaker in Europe, Mercedes. Benz EQG 580 and Mercedes-Benz EQG 560. This information indirectly confirms the launch date of the electric G-Class is very close.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class adds a new version, beckoning Vietnamese giants photo 2

Although specific information about the powertrain as well as the design of the Mercedes-Benz EQG has not been disclosed, it is likely that the number 1 priority of this electric SUV is still the ability to operate off-road with the two-wheel drive system. all the time.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz EQG may also be the only name in the EQ sub-brand lineup that uses its own chassis with an off-road bias because the regular EQ chassis emphasizes the comfort factor. .

Mercedes-Benz G-Class adds a new version, beckoning Vietnamese giants photo 3

It is expected that the Mercedes-Benz EQG will be launched in 2022 or early 2023. In the Vietnamese giants world, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class playing movement has blossomed for many years. Along with the trend of electric cars gradually taking the throne, this will certainly be the version targeted by many “players” in the near future.

Video 3D image Mercedes-Benz EQG:


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