Meta Apes Launches Version on Binance Application Sidechain (BAS)

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2022-06-05 16:08:43

Derived from the popular mobile game Age of Apes, Meta Apes officially becomes the first crypto game to be released online on BNB’s latest Binance Application Sidechain (BAS).

Meta Apes is a free money-making MMO strategy game

Meta Apes Launched on BNB Sidechain

Ankr, publisher of the game Meta Apes, said the first version on BAS promises to create a great Web3 game experience, from NFT to the in-game marketplace and multi-chain wallet integration.

Meta Apes is a free money-making MMO strategy game designed with mobile users in mind. This game is currently available for Android devices on Google Play, and the iOS application will be released in the near future.

The setting in the game is a post-apocalyptic world – where there is absolutely no human existence and a new era dominated by Apes has begun. Players transform into monkeys and must work closely with their Gang to become the strongest Clan, winning the final race to space.

Taylor Shim, Sales Lead at Meta Apes, said:

Meta Apes was born from the idea of ​​​​creating a game that is community driven, providing both the audience with something of value. An opportunity for traditional players to earn and actually own their in-game assets. Much more interactive and fun.

Building P2E games on mobile devices requires a solid infrastructure. Blockchain technology varies in shape and size, depending on the network a team builds. The goal of Meta Apes is to optimally combine Web2 and Web3 into an engaging gaming ecosystem. This means that Ankr has to take advantage of the help of Blockchain technology.

Meta Apes launches on BAS – a recently launched network that runs parallel to the BNB chain developed by the Binance team. With dedicated sidechains, applications and games like Meta Apes will have much higher throughput with extremely low transaction fees. Game developers can transfer data and assets from the BNB Chain, alleviating resource bottlenecks and limited transactions of the network.

Binance Application Sidechain (BAS) - a new network that runs parallel to Binance's BNB chain
Binance Application Sidechain (BAS) – a new network that runs parallel to Binance’s BNB chain

Taylor Shim shared:

Building on an application-centric sidechain helps us avoid a lot of common problems in Blockchain games like network congestion and gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of game design and tokenomics.

The game’s ecosystem will include token rewards, a staking platform, and a variety of NFT non-fungible tokens. The Meta Apes staking platform allows users to wrap MAPES tokens and stake them together with NFT to earn more MAPES and participate in the weekly raffle.

Blockchain integration includes in-game cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital asset ownership. Blockchain game related data is controlled by a studio instead of a centralized server. With real ownership, players can earn money through trading or selling in-game assets.

Ankr’s new Web3 Gaming SDK will give game developers everything they need to create a great Web3 game similar to Meta Apes. The SDK helps game studios transition from Web2 to Web3 quickly and seamlessly by adding crypto payment gateways, NFTs, and other mechanisms.

Blockchain infrastructure provider Ankr

Ankr is a cloud infrastructure provider and DeFi decentralized platform, designed to help users connect to Web 3.0. Ankr’s ecosystems include: resource requesters, resource providers, application developers, consumers…

Ankr has been supporting Blockchain companies and developers by providing industry-best multi-chain infrastructure and solutions for fast and reliable access to Blockchain data.

The Ankr Protocol is launched in 2021, serves over 200 billion requests per month on over 50 Blockchains and is on track to become the leader in RPC services.

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