Meta sued for collecting data from more than 600 hospitals and healthcare providers

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2022-06-22 23:16:51

Specifically, Facebook’s Pixel tracking tool redirects patient contact and information deemed “safe” without permission. The lawsuit, which was filed in San Francisco federal court, alleges Meta violated federal and state law.

This is considered the latest class-action lawsuit, on behalf of millions of patients, against Meta – the social media giant. Previously, Meta had also been investigated by regulators over privacy-related issues for a decade, alleging that the corporation had illegally collected user information to target. for advertising. The recent Pixel tool case is different because the plaintiffs allege that Facebook obtained confidential data while operating as a service provider on the hospital portal.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff, who has not been named, said he was a patient who accessed the Baltimore health system portal to view test results, book appointments and communicate with doctors. . After learning that he was being illegally collected, the man sought damages, alleging that Meta violated the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act and filed a complaint under constitution on invasion of privacy.

Meta is sued for collecting data from more than 600 hospitals and medical service providers - Photo 1.

Meta sued for collecting private data from more than 600 hospitals and healthcare providers

Earlier, The Markup, a nonprofit news organization, published the results of an investigation showing that 33 of Newsweek’s top 100 hospitals used the Pixel tool on appointment booking pages. This is believed to be a possible violation of federal health information privacy laws. The report also says that some hospitals have now removed Pixel from their websites.

According to experts, this lawsuit is especially serious because of the scale of influence. The websites of at least 664 hospital systems or healthcare providers that have received patient data through the Pixel tool.

Meta has yet to make any comments. “If Meta’s signal filtering mechanisms detect sensitive health-related data, they will immediately prevent that data from being accessed,” a corporate sales representative said.

In fact, from the beginning of 2022 until now, Meta has been sued quite a lot about data collection issues. The company in February also accepted $ 90 million in compensation in a lawsuit alleging violations of privacy, arbitrarily collecting web browser data of users. Facebook then had to delete all relevant data and compensate the plaintiffs based on how badly they were affected.

Meta sued for collecting data from more than 600 hospitals and medical service providers - Photo 2.

In February, Meta accepted $90 million in damages in a lawsuit alleging privacy violations

“The settlement agreement in this case is to ensure the best interests of the community and shareholders. We are satisfied with this result”, a representative of Meta said.

Reportedly, this class-action lawsuit filed with the court since 2012, aggregates 21 separate lawsuits across the US during the period 2011-2012. These plaintiffs allege Facebook uses cookies and a browser extension (plug-in) to collect information about their website visits. 20220618093821774.chn 20220618093821774.chn

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