Microsoft announces new photo editing features on OneDrive

Microsoft announces new photo editing features on OneDrive

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2021-06-23 06:46:15

First, OneDrive’s crop feature is getting an overhaul with built-in presets, allowing users to crop standard images to sizes suitable for social media platforms. In addition, a free frame is also available if you want a custom crop.

The user will then be allowed to rotate and flip the image and make a range of lighting and color adjustments.

“Have you ever had the satisfaction of adjusting the saturation and hue of your images? There’s no better feeling than watching an image transition from faded and low-contrast colors to vibrant colors. It’s now easy to make those transitions with adjustments for brightness, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and saturation. Once you’ve finished editing, admire the result by tapping and holding the image to compare it with the original image,” Microsoft explained in today’s announcement.

Android’s OneDrive also gets Chromecast support, lets you stream photos and videos to your TV, and gets a new filter that lets you sort photos by photo sources like text messages, social networks, WhatsApp, and photos. Screen capture.

“To help with better maintainability, we will soon introduce a new setting to create folders based on the upload source. Images from those sources are automatically added to the respective folders. If you want to keep the images sorted by date, you can group your images by month and year.

The feature is expected to come to Android users at some point in the next two months.


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