Microsoft finds a way to get rid of the ‘blue screen of death’ in Windows 11, by turning it black

Microsoft finds a way to get rid of the ‘blue screen of death’ in Windows 11, by turning it black


2021-07-02 12:18:40

According to the The Verge, Microsoft is changing the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or its famous “blue screen of death” display to black in Windows 11.

Windows 11’s new black screen of death.

The US software giant started testing its new design changes in the Windows 11 preview earlier this week, but the Black Screen of Death has yet to be fully activated.

This is the first major change to BSOD, since Microsoft added a sad face to the screen in Windows 8 in 2012 and a QR code in 2016. Microsoft first introduced BSOD in Windows 3.0, providing a way for IT professionals and support staff to diagnose hardware and memory failures. Technically, a BSOD usually includes a data dump that can help system administrators analyze which system errors are causing the “blue screen” phenomenon.

Microsoft found a way to get rid of the blue screen of death in Windows 11, by turning it black - Photo 2.

New Black Screen of Death in Windows 11.

While Microsoft is transitioning to the “black screen of death” in Windows 11, this screen is essentially identical to the one found in Windows 10. The sad face is still there, as are the QR codes and information. about the incident. The current preview of Windows 11 includes a green BSOD, the color Microsoft has been using for Windows Insider builds since 2016.

Not entirely sure why Microsoft changed the color from blue to black, and the company has yet to comment on the change. However, there are several hypotheses put forward. For example, Microsoft is overhauling many parts of Windows 11, with a new approach to the operating system. The overhaul will change many things to a more intuitive display, to modernize the operating system in important areas, including classic sections like the Start menu, File Explorer and now BSOD.

Refer The Verge

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