Microsoft has fixed the critical bugs of Windows 10 21H1

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2021-05-10 20:16:59

Windows 10 has just received a patch to fix bugs on PCs that have the 21H1 update installed, especially systems that use Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology driver (Rapid Storage Technology). Error reported after users install KB5001391 for Windows 10 21H1. Looks like it has been fixed with another update.

Error Blue Screen of Death “BAD_POOL_CALLER” has been reported after users installed the Windows 10 monthly update, version 21H1. Only a “small” number of computers are affected, especially those that use the Intel RST driver.

“I am using an internal preview build 19043,928 (version 21H1). Yesterday, after installing Windows Update KB5001391, my computer got a blue screen error about a minute after logging in and restarted automatically. I had to uninstall the update to stop the reboot cycle ” – one user shares with the Feedback Center.

“It seems that KB5001391 has caused my computer to keep getting blue screen with bad_pool_call error. Deleting that update seems to have made my computer more stable ” – share other users.

Microsoft fixed the issue prior to deploying the May 2021 update. On April 28, Microsoft confirmed that the blue screen “BAD_POOL_CALLER” bug was fixed in another update with the same patch.

“We fixed an issue that caused error 0xC2 (BAD_POOL_CALLER) when using IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT” – Microsoft info.

Additionally, Microsoft also fixed an issue with some sound drivers, allowing more people to download the 21H1 version update.

Windows Update fixes the problem and ultimately causes other undesirable issues that shouldn’t be a surprise to the majority of users. This time around, however, Microsoft is carefully testing the May 2021 update with Windows Insider, and it might not be a problem for most users, as it’s basically based on the October 2020 update.

The May 2021 update changes come preloaded in Windows 10 20H2, and when the feature update comes online, Microsoft will simply activate the changes by enabling that “activation pack”. As a result, users will not have to download files that are too large and the download process will be simpler.

While this one update is small and might disappoint users, Microsoft is planning bigger changes in the Windows 10 Sun Valley update.


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