Microsoft is surveying Xbox users about adding a Bitcoin payment option to the game store

Microsoft is surveying Xbox users about adding a Bitcoin payment option to the game store


2021-03-25 07:57:14

According to a post on the forum Reddit Recently, one user reported that Microsoft started displaying polls with the topic “Payment options”, which survey people with questions like how they pay for things they buy on. Xbox.

And one of these sections asks Xbox users what they think of the current range of options regarding the available payment options. However, the subsequent poll raised the following question:

“Which of these other payment methods would you like to use on Xbox (choose all that apply)?”

Among the responses, “paying with bitcoin” (BTC) is one of Microsoft’s alternatives for users. The survey ended with a question to ask people about whether they ever decided not to buy something from Xbox just because “your preferred payment method is not available”.

Arguably, such a poll did surprise the Xbox gaming community, but even more so for crypto advocates.

In an interview with CNN in February 2021, Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, said the tech giant did not discuss bitcoin-related topics during their meetings.

However, he told interviewer, Julia Chatterley, that: “If we change our investment policy in bitcoin, Julia, you will be the first, or, at least the second, known.” Previously, Chatterley asked him about bitcoin because of Tesla’s recent moves to invest $ 1.5 billion in the virtual currency.

And in fact, while it seems lethargic, Microsoft is not entirely outside the latest technological developments in the crypto industry. Last year, the US tech giant patented a cryptocurrency mining system that promotes human activities, including brain waves and body heat, when performing online tasks. like using search engines, chatbots and reading ads.


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