Microsoft plans to buy Discord for $ 10 billion

Microsoft plans to buy Discord for $ 10 billion


2021-03-23 10:16:23

A recent report by VentureBeat said that Discord, a popular group chat platform among gamers and online communities, is looking to sell itself for as much as $ 10 billion. The only question at the moment is who can afford that small price tag for this app, but another Bloomberg report is revealing the answer.

According to sources of Bloomberg, Microsoft is promoting the acquisition of this chat application. Discord also held talks with Epic Games and Amazon before, but it seems uncertain about the deal.

However, Microsoft is the most potential buyer, not only because of its huge budget and Xbox Live game service, but also because it is pursuing a rivalry with Slack with its Office products and Microsoft Teams. me. For many years, Microsoft has been trying to enter the social networking market for businesses with the acquisition of Yammer and most recently LinkedIn.

Adding Discord to their services will help Microsoft increase weapons in the face of Slack as well as other competitors including Google, Facebook, Amazon.

While still weighing among different buyers, another Discord option is an IPO instead of selling itself. However, with no profits at the moment, it is difficult for Discord’s IPO plan to go smoothly.

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