Microsoft returned to Bitcoin after years of “absence” through Xbox?

Microsoft returned to Bitcoin after years of “absence” through Xbox?


2021-03-24 13:08:32

The tech giant Microsoft appears to be considering introducing Bitcoin (BTC) payments at an online store on its Xbox console. Microsoft wants to know if users are actually spending cryptocurrencies in order to buy and sell at the Xbox app.

According to a Reddit post on March 21 r / XboxSeriesX, Microsoft conducted a survey asking Xbox users about their preferred payment options at their online store.

The survey is intended for exploration, Microsoft has listed Bitcoin as one of the potential payment methods. The same photo has been circulated on several other subreddits including r / ethtrader and r / Bitcoin.

Back in 2014, Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin to fund Microsoft accounts, allowing users in the United States to purchase content from Windows, including Xbox games. After briefly halting the payment option, Microsoft resumed Bitcoin payments to its MS Store in January. Currently, crypto-based payments are currently not supported at the online store. Xbox.

However, the link between Microsoft and cryptocurrencies can be reopened through the gaming arena bridge. On February 11, Microsoft and Enjin officially introduced NFT to the Minecraft game.

The Enjin (ENJ) platform is becoming truly explosive like never before. Enjin Coin (ENJ) becomes the first gaming cryptocurrency approved for use in Japan. Big “fastidious” Samsung has also confirmed cooperation with Enjin Coin.

Perhaps, the recent handshake between Microsoft and Enjin will be a strong catalyst for the technology giant to once again take on cryptocurrencies. The clearest signal shows that in 2019, Microsoft develops the ION Decentralized Identity network on the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as integrates the blockchain toolkit into the Power Platform. Everything seems poised for a comeback from Microsoft.

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