Microsoft wants to bring Apple apps to Windows 11

Microsoft wants to bring Apple apps to Windows 11

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2021-06-26 09:48:54

One of the very attractive new features of Windows 11 is support for Android applications, through the Microsoft Store. CEO Satya Nadella also stated that Windows 11 is an open operating system that is the foundation for other platforms. He also revealed his intention to bring Apple’s applications to Windows 11.

Microsoft has invited Apple to bring the iMessage application to the Windows Store in Windows 11. However, it is not clear how this iMessage application will work on Windows. And it seems that Apple does not accept that offer of the software giant.

Although CEO Satya Nadella seems optimistic about a future where developers and applications are welcome to come to Windows. But clearly Apple is going in a different direction. Contrary to Microsoft’s open stance, Apple is quite strict in controlling applications on its platform.

When asked about integrating iPhone apps and services with Windows, CEO Satya Nadella replied that: “Anything Apple wants to do with Windows, whether it’s iTunes, iMessage or other apps and services, we welcome that. We also want our apps to run well on Apple devices.”

CEO Satya Nadella emphasized that Windows welcomes many other platforms to its ecosystem. “We have access to many markets. We want a great app marketplace, but we also welcome other marketplaces to join us.”, he said.

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