Microsoft’s new feature will let people know you have a weak computer but still try to use Windows 11

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2022-03-02 02:33:05

Microsoft is currently testing a new method to warn Windows 11 users that they have installed the operating system on unsupported hardware. In the latest test build of Windows 11, a watermark appeared on the desktop wallpaper, saying “system requirements not met”, meaning your machine does not meet the system requirements.

It can be seen that this watermark is quite similar to what will appear when you use Windows without activating the operating system. A similar warning will also appear in the settings.

However, it is not clear whether Microsoft will decide to apply this watermark widely. Not every feature that appears in beta builds will be available in the final build.

Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11 have been quite controversial, this operating system only officially supports 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake or AMD Zen+ and Zen 2 and above.

Microsoft's new feature will let everyone know you have a weak computer but still try to use Windows 11 - Photo 2.

This move leaves millions of PCs behind, but if the machine doesn’t meet the requirements, you can still install Windows 11, just in an unofficial way. Anyone who has used that solution can now see these warnings in future Windows 11 updates, should Microsoft decide to make this announcement widely available.

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