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2022-09-21 18:22:52

Smart robot vacuum cleaner M7 Pro is one of the highly appreciated models in Midea’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner series, it can be said that M7 Pro deserves to be a robot model that every family should own, this product line promises to be The most popular and best-selling in the market.

Overview of the M7 Pro design

Different from bulky house cleaning tools, the M7 Pro vacuum cleaner has a clean, round design that shows soft, sharp lines and mysterious black tones combined with a prominent large power button, with a delicate Midea logo. Creating class and elegance, the M7 Pro vacuum cleaner impresses users at first sight.

The surface of the M7 Pro is covered with tempered glass that is extremely scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. The robot vacuum’s belly is also optimized with many more functions to increase cleaning capacity such as: equipped with side brushes, a pair of rubber wheels with grooves for easier movement.

More specifically, the M7 Pro vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a smart control button on the body. This is the Polaris 3.0 navigation button system, which acts as a button to connect, scan, and start the robot vacuum cleaner. Users only need to press the command button as required, control the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the area you want manually quite easily.

The ability to scan, wipe and clean “more than people” of Robot M7 Pro

The M7 Pro robot vacuum has an electric mop with a large 220ml water tank capacity. With a water level control floor cleaning system, a constant pressure spring design to maintain thrust on the wipes combined with an intelligent electronic spray pump, the robot can control the water level extremely precisely because So you don’t have to worry about water leaking and soaking into the rag too much

The smart mopping robot M7 Pro has a Y-shaped way of cleaning the house thanks to the integration of intelligent Al algorithms. Manual cleaning can be simulated, increasing the cleaning ability to the best level. Thus, the cleaning ability of this robot line will be higher than that of robots with only S-shaped cleaning.

The M7 Pro also has a built-in dust bag that makes it easy for dirt to be sucked into the disposable dust bags. The bag capacity is 450mL, so you can store the trash for 30 days, you don’t have to empty the trash after each cleaning, more convenient than models without built-in dust bags.

Extremely fast and accurate detection analysis with 5th generation lasers

The 5th generation laser provides centimeter-accurate orientation, you can customize the cleaning order of the room, the suction and outlet sizes of the water box, and can make different settings for a room

The M7 Pro robot vacuum also supports an advanced positioning function that can quickly memorize the layout of your home. Stores 5-storey maps, suitable for large houses, townhouses or apartments today.

Around Midea’s robot are integrated sensors: Anti-drop, anti-collision, wall sensor so that it can overcome most obstacles. The M7 Pro robot is now equipped with up to 30 different types of sensors around the body.

Extremely strong suction cleans every dust

Midea’s M7 Pro robot has the ability to adjust the suction force flexibly with 3 different suction levels: economical, normal, strong, respectively, for carpets, tiles and solid floors. The smart robot can recognize and lift the suction when working on any surface. You can also manually adjust the suction level according to your needs. With the highest suction power up to 4000Pa, the M7 Pro vacuum cleaner is fully capable of cleaning all the dirt, dust, hair, pet hair on your floor.

Flexible control via smart app

The M7 Pro robot can meet your versatile cleaning needs. Clean any location at any time, cleaning method, amount of water, suction level. Or you want to create no-moving areas, virtual walls, even if you are not at home, you can still control the robot vacuum cleaner via the MSmart app or by voice.

Similar to controlling with a smartphone, controlling the robot vacuum cleaner by voice is also done through the device’s application and integrated with Google Assistant. Just a few simple steps, the robot vacuum cleaner will be started and work according to the commands that appear in Google Assistant or Alexa through the virtual assistant.

Robot vacuum cleaner M7 Pro can be said to be the most worthy robot model in Midea’s upcoming series with many optimized functions, M7 Pro will bring you the absolute satisfaction experience in cleaning. clean living space


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