Mini World: Block Art -Download Mini World: Block Art

Mini World: Block Art -Download Mini World: Block Art

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2021-07-31 08:04:43

Mini World: What is Block Art?

Mini World: Block Art is an open-world game that possesses cute graphics with free-to-play exploration and attractive creativity. The game is said to have a gameplay similar to the famous Minecraft game.

In Mini World: Block Art there are no levels or limits. Players are free to create or show their survival ability. You can create a mansion, a castle or even an entire city if you want.

In survival mode, you will have to confront the dangers around you and must collect items, food, and drink to maintain your life. The monsters around you will challenge your fighting ability.

Game mode in Mini World: Block Art

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You will have to do everything yourself in survival mode, gather resources, build houses, make tools and weapons to survive with surrounding monsters or a great dragon war. Explore natural structures like caves. This is the mode for those who like to explore and challenge themselves.


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In creative mode, you will have everything and your task is to create what you want based on the available tools and items. You can build a huge castle, farm, resort, village or city.

Single player

Single player will have two genres, survival and creative, in this mode the player will only explore his own world.

Play online

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With the online game mode, you will be connected with many other players in many different maps, game modes and interact with each other. There are many new game modes created in the League of Legends roster based on player-created maps. Or create your own world and invite friends to play.

Minimum configuration to play Mini World: Block Art

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  • Operating system: WinXP/2003/Vista/7
  • CPU: Intel(R) P4/PE dual-core
  • RAM capacity: 1GB
  • Graphics card: Intel integrated graphics card
  • Required hard drive space: 500MB
  • DirectX: 9.0

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