Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid is about to be released, the ‘end day’ of Toyota Veloz Cross is near

Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid is about to be released, the ‘end day’ of Toyota Veloz Cross is near


2023-05-22 11:32:58

The launch of the Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid version will probably make the Toyota Veloz Cross fall into trouble.

The product launch roadmap in Mitsubishi’s medium-term plan called Challenge 2025 has recently been updated by the company. In its financial report for fiscal year 2022, the Japanese automaker has revealed this information. Accordingly, there will be a total of 6 models that will be officially launched by Mitsubishi. Among these, there is the new Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid to increase its appeal and create a breakthrough in the sales race with the Toyota Veloz Cross.

The Mitsubishi Xpander was first introduced in 2017 and since then, this MPV model has only had the option of an internal combustion engine. However, when the world auto industry is following the general trend of electrification, the Japanese automaker must also equip its MPV model with a hybrid option so as not to lag behind rivals. Currently, Mitsubishi has not announced specific information about the new Xpander Hybrid. Just know that, next year, this model will be officially launched.

Through the revealed image in Mitsubishi’s documents, it can be predicted that the design of the new Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid 2024 will not be much different from the current gasoline engine version. In the front area, the rival MPV model of Toyota Veloz Cross is also equipped with a 2-stage lighting system with “T”-shaped LED headlights located below the LED daytime running lights.

Except for the different engine, Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid 2024 is expected to keep the same equipment as the petrol engine version. Depending on the market, rivals of Toyota Veloz Cross will be equipped with electronic handbrake with automatic brake hold function, cruise control system, wireless phone charger, automatic air conditioning, air filter. gas, 6-speaker audio system, 9-inch central touch screen, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity support, 8-inch digital instrument cluster, leather seats, automatic wipers, LED tail lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights on / off as well as customizing the height of the light.

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