Mitsubishi Xpander ‘is not cold but shivers’ because Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid ‘landed’ in Vietnam for 518.6 million

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2022-09-16 00:00:46

Recently, on social networks, a picture posted by a sales consultant about the new Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid model in Vietnam has been spread, making Mitsubishi Xpander worried. The highlight that is easily recognizable is that this model has a new 3D grille with a beautiful design. Previously, the first image of the Ertiga Hybrid was first shared on Suzuki Vietnam’s website, along with the words “Coming soon”. These moves suggest that the Ertiga Hybrid will be launched soon in the near future.

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid will have a new grille to make the car’s appearance more impressive, overshadowing the Mitsubishi Xpander

In recent months, Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2022 has been continuously invited by sales consultants in Vietnam to deposit. According to the seller, this model may have an official launch this month and the delivery time to customers is from October. It is expected that Mitsubishi Xpander’s rival will have 2 versions. including the MT version priced at 518.6 million VND and the AT version priced at 585.6 million VND. This price is said to be close to the selling price that the company will announce in the near future.

Not stopping there, this sales consultant also said that the traditional petrol engine version will be completely replaced by the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2022. The old Ertiga model is currently still in the product catalog on Suzuki’s website. with 2 versions including AT version priced at 568.9 million VND and MT version priced at 499.9 million VND.

As the name suggests, the most noticeable highlight on the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2022 is the hybrid powertrain called Smart Hybrid K15C. This is a combination of a 1.5L gasoline engine and an electric motor, allowing to produce a maximum capacity of 103 horsepower. at 6,000 vong/phUt and torque Maxima 138 Nm at 4,400 vong/phUt. The engine will be paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission.

The hybrid powertrain on the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2022 will improve the power slightly compared to the gasoline engine. Besides, this powertrain also has remarkable advantages such as the ability to save fuel, provide more torque when accelerating, regenerative braking and automatic engine start / stop. when idling.

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2022 has been tested by the Registry in Vietnam. According to the test results, the fuel consumption of the AT version with a 4-speed gearbox is 5.69L / 100 km of mixed roads. The fuel economy of the MT version is even more impressive with 5.05L/100 km on the road and 5.38L/100 km on the mixed road.

In the popular car market in Vietnam in the last 2 years, Hybrid is a new trend that is increasingly popular. The appearance of the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2022 will certainly make a big impact on the Mitsubishi Xpander – the model that is dominating the MPV segment in our country.

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