Mobile network iTel plays big and offers a HUGE GOLDEN SIM to welcome the 3 millionth subscriber

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2021-12-31 15:58:06

To celebrate iTel reaching 3 million customers using the service, marking the development milestone of the first MVNO operator in Vietnam, and at the same time marking the mark of iTel brand in the telecommunications market; Mobile network iTel announced that it will play big and give 24K GOLDEN SIM cards to “the 3 millionth lucky customer”.

So how to find iTel’s “3 millionth lucky customer”? According to the carrier information, iTel will announce the total number of existing subscribers on the website daily, new registered customers will be assigned a serial number based on the activation time of the network. subscribers, the customer’s order number to receive the prize is determined at that time. The ordinal number needs to be greater than or equal to the number 3,000,000. So, the closer the order number is to 3,000,000, the more chances the customer has to get the prize. Another small condition is that customers only need to top up at least 1 top-up card with a minimum face value of 20,000 VND during the judging period to have the opportunity to become the “3 millionth lucky customer” – Win a GOLDEN SIM immediately. HUGE.

The operator further informed that, if customers do not become the “3 millionth lucky customer”, customers still have many opportunities to receive thousands of other attractive gifts from iTel Club if they become an iTel subscriber during this time. iTel said that it will donate 1,000 points to all iTel Club members, the total value of the gift is up to billions of dong.

The first iTel mobile network, number 087, uses VinaPhone mobile waves to provide cost-optimized telecommunications services and outstanding customer experience. In the midst of market pressure and difficulties caused by the Covid pandemic, iTel still thrived and achieved an impressive milestone of 3 million subscribers. In April 2019, iTel officially launched the service; In April 2020, iTel surpassed 1 million subscribers; In the same year of 2020, iTel cooperates with many chain channels of FPT Shop, The Gioi Di Dong, etc. to expand service distribution channels and iTel customer service points nationwide. As of December 2021, iTel has gradually reached 3 million subscribers in just 2 years of rapid growth.

Talking about the significance of the upcoming milestone of 3 million subscribers, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai – General Director of iTel Mobile Network excitedly shared: “Those are impressive numbers that confirm that iTel Mobile Network is still on the right track and well received by customers. iTel has always linked its mission to the connection of Vietnamese people through the Internet. We want to create different and best quality products and services according to the criteria of Cheap and Happy, transmitting positive energy, focusing on happy and unique experiences for customers.”

To learn more about the iTel Mobile Network’s program and translation products, customers can visit the website: or the iTel Mobile Network fanpage (; hotline 1900 1087 / 0877 087 087 for the best advice.


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