Mode One For All 2021 will return in League of Legends 11.7

Mode One For All 2021 will return in League of Legends 11.7


2021-03-26 03:11:26

As soon as the League of Legends 11.7 update is available on PBE, One For All is back.

What’s new in Mode One For All 2021 League of Legends?

This is a game mode that is no stranger to League of Legends gamers, it allows 5 players in a team to choose the same champion. This champion will be selected during the champion selection phase before the game starts. The place where gamers voted for the champion that I think is the strongest.

Mode One For All uses the same champion balance system as ARAM or ARURF. In addition, Riot Games will also use a balance system based on the gameplay and stats of each individual hero.

This is the first time this mode has returned to gamers since September 2020. So many new generals such as Seraphine, Viego released during this time will also be put into this attractive mode with a adjustable series.

Ever Update One For All 2021?

One for all 2021

League of Legends update 11.7 is expected to be available to gamers on April 1. In this version, we will also have more champion, equipment and system tweaks in LMHE 11.7.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the changes in The Arena of Truth 11.7. Through many recent versions, DTCL 11.6 does not have many modifications, even there is no change in clan. Hopefully in DTCL version 11.7 there will be more tweaks to change the game meta.

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