MonkeyBall (MBS Token) game review

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What is MonkeyBall game project?

MonkeyBall . Project is the next generation super sports universe combining multiplayer video games with Solana blockchain technology, NFT and decentralized finance with the goal of bringing an attractive, interesting football game with easy rules but requires a lot of practice to become a pro.

MonkeyBall is a combination of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. This sports game is developed based on the Unity game engine, allowing to be played on both mobile and desktop applications.

The goal of the game project MonkeyBall

In fact, to get used to the 4v4 arcade football game is easy but to become a professional gamer requires a lot of skills. Players build a squad of 4 monkeys playing in the positions of Striker, Midfielder, Defender and Goalkeeper. Two teams will compete on the stadium owned by the player. Platform players can enter the match as Spectators.

MonkeyBall introduces the concept of conversion between asset classes. Players own in-game assets, player monkeys and stadiums in the form of NFT tokens. The currency used in the game is MBS token. Players can earn money through various systems in the game, providing an interesting and engaging experience. In addition, players can use the DAO governance token (SCORE) to exercise governance rights over this treasury and gaming platform.

This football game development team consists of a team of professionals with 15 years of experience in the field of game design and development with games that have previously generated billions of dollars in revenue.

Special features of the game project MonkeyBall

Special features of the game project MonkeyBall
Special features of the game project MonkeyBall

How to play MonkeyBall

MonkeyBall is a fast-paced football game, players can both participate in the match and earn money.

Each monkey in the squad can play in any position according to the player’s arrangement. However, each of these monkeys has unique abilities and characteristics that make them possible to maximize their advantage if placed in the right position.

The match will take place in 12 rounds, divided into 2 rounds. Each round will end when both teams complete their turn. Each team can perform 3 optional actions including: move the player, pass or kick the ball, dribble or a special move. The turn will end when the player performs their actions or selects the “End turn” box.

Every action taken by the player will be responded to and blocked by the opponent just like in a real football match.

The player abilities made in the game will be set and determined by the rarity of the monkey player. Some abilities can be trained and developed over time.

Player monkeys

The monkeys (monkeys) are players, which are converted into NFTs owned by the players. Players will use monkeys to participate in games to earn coins MonkeyBucks ($MBS).

Monkey NFT It is not only used to collect beautiful and rare items, but also a decisive asset in the player’s features and advantages in matches.

Each Monkey NFT carries a DNA that regulates adultery, its special trainability and mobility.

Player monkeys
Player monkeys
  • About appearance: Each monkey will have a combination of DNA that determines characteristics including rarity, uniqueness of appearance. Generation Zero of the monkeys will be limited to 5055 out of 4 billion permutations to represent the rarity of each NFT.
  • Alpha coefficient: This is the stat that determines the rarity of Monkey NFTs
  • Ability to receive training: Each monkey will have 4 main abilities:
  • Accuracy: Demonstrate the ability to score from a distance. The higher the score, the greater the accuracy.
  • Passing ability: Show how successful the pass is
  • Defense: Ability to defend and block opponents.
  • Control: The ability to receive and hold the ball

Every monkey is born with a base score and potential score for each ability it has. A rare NFT Monkey will have high stats in terms of abilities it possesses.

Each monkey will also have special coordination and movement abilities. When Monkeys are equipped with in-game items, their ability stats will be significantly improved.

Unique elements in the game MonkeyBall

Every monkey is born with a unique trait or ability. For example, there are monkeys who have the advantage when kicking from the left side of the field, or have special abilities in blocking, dribbling or blocking, etc.

The characteristics of each monkey will determine the position it can play best. Rare monkeys will be more likely to excel in certain positions than regular monkeys.


In the virtual universe of MonkeyBall, stadiums are real estate assets provided by NFT and players can own them.

Stadiums are an asset that can generate passive revenue for owners through hosting events, tournaments or games within the platform.

When not hosting matches, owners can train their monkeys on their own stadium to train the player’s ability and combination with possessions.

Stadiums can be upgraded through building and retrofitting special infrastructure or creating unique competitions and events to attract more users to their stadium.

MonkeyBall Stadium
MonkeyBall Stadium


Players who play as spectators or fans also have the opportunity to earn MonkeyBucks. Spectators will receive rewards if they can cheer to boost the team’s competitive spirit.

In addition to receiving rewards from watching and predicting the winning team, spectators can also provide analytical opinions to improve the gameplay for the teams.

To be able to improve the predictability of the winning team and increase the revenue MonkeyBucks, but the price of the match can buy additional game items to increase the chances of getting the reward.


The treasury is at the heart of the feedback loop that drives demand in the game’s ecosystem MoneyBall. Once spawned, fees and direct sales in the game’s metaverse are deposited into the Treasury.

MonkeyBall’s Treasury will generate revenue from transaction fees collected in the in-game market, game store, livestock fees, and other initiatives. In addition, players who bet $SCORE on the coffer will receive a $SCORE bonus for their participation.

To build healthy liquidity for both Tokens, MonkeyBall will reward liquidity providers $SCORE and $MBS different pairs.

MonkeyBall . Treasury
MonkeyBall . Treasury

Basic information of MonkeyBall project token – MBS Token

Token Key Metrics

  • Name: MonkeyBucks
  • Ticker: MBS
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token type: SLP-20
  • Token Contract: Fm9rHUTF5v3hwMLbStjZXqNBBoZyGriQaFM6sTFz3K8A
  • Token supply: 1,000,000,000 VND
  • IDO price: $0.04
  • Hard Cap: $400,000

Token Allocation

  • Private sale: 18.00%
  • Launchpad: 1.00%
  • Liquidity: 5.00%
  • Players and Ecosystem: 54.00%
  • Team: 12.50%
  • Development: 5.00%
  • Partners/Advisors: 2.00%
  • Marketing/Listing: 2.50%
Token Allocation MonkeyBall
Token Allocation MonkeyBall

Token Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule MonkeyBall
Token Release Schedule MonkeyBall

Token Use Case

MonkeyBucks – MBS Token is the in-game currency that powers the game economy. Players get $MBS by buying it on the DEX, opening loot boxes, completing quests, winning matches, becoming a Spectator or hosting a game in your Stadium.

Players spend $MBS to breed new Monkeys and purchase consumables in the game’s store. Revenue from the game’s store is then deposited into the game’s coffers.

Store wallet and place to buy and sell MBS Token

Token MBS is a Solana token, so it is best to store it in CHK Wallet or you can use Phantom wallet or Sollet wallet to store it.

Present MBS Token being sold at FTX and 2 DEX exchanges, Raydium and Serum, you can trade on the above exchanges to own Token MBS

Basic information of Game MonkeyBall . Token Governance

In the game project NFT MonkeyBall then there are two main types of tokens: MBS Token called Utility and another is Token Governance – Token SCORE used to administer the game’s DAO.

Voting and governance activities will be gradually implemented along with economic decisions affecting the game’s coffers.

Token SCORE will not be sold, but raised by early $MBS token holders.

Token SCORE can be placed in the game’s treasury for users to vote and receive a $SCORE reward for participating.

Stake $SCORE also affects how valuable a player’s assets are (e.g. a $SCORE bet increases a player’s chances of hosting a stadium game).

Holding $SCORE gives you early access to NFT drops and overland (stadium) sales.

SCORE token is a fixed supply token, will be released gradually over 5 years


Roadmap MonkeyBall
Roadmap MonkeyBall

October 2021

  • Monkey Bucks Token Presale ($MBS)

November 2021

December 2021

  • NFT drop (Monkeys)
  • Pioneers Gear Up Camp

1st quarter of 2022

  • In-game store launch
  • Breeding season
  • Launch the game (PvE)

Second quarter of 2022

  • Launch of the treasury
  • Game Launch (PVP)
  • Stadium (land) NFT drop

Development team

MonkeyBall . Development Team
MonkeyBall . Development Team
Main MonkeyBall Development Team
Main MonkeyBall Development Team
Top MonkeyBall Development Team
Top MonkeyBall Development Team

Investors and partners

Investors and Partners MonkeyBall
MonkeyBall . Investors and Partners

Evaluation of MonkeyBall project, should I invest in MBS Token or not?

NFT Game Project play to earn NFT MokeyBall has a game operating mechanism that is different from other GameFi but also provides a more enjoyable gaming experience. At the same time, this project has large funds such as Alameda Research and community support Yield Guild Games will bring a more development in the future.

Through this article, you have somewhat grasped the basic information about the project to make your own investment decisions. CHK is not responsible for any of your investment decisions. Wish you success and make a lot of profit from this potential market.

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