Monsterra x Binance NFT Giveaway: 200 Treasury Box for the best warriors

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2022-01-29 21:33:09

Monsterra will join Binance NFT in organizing a special giveaway of 200 Treasury Boxes for the most passionate warriors! This February 7, Monsterra will officially open for sale Treasury Box on Binance NFT Marketplace.

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Event details

During the past journey, Monsterra has received a lot of support from the community to grow stronger and get where it is today.

To show gratitude to early backers, Monsterra will be holding a free giveaway of 200 Treasury Boxes for the 200 best fighters.


  • Giveaway start date: 10:00 AM on January 29, 2022 (VN time)
  • Giveaway end date: 10:00 PM on February 6, 2022 (Vietnam time)

Prize structure

  • Total number of giveaway boxes: 200
  • Value: 15 BUSD/box

Benefits for users

  • Get rare NFTs for free.
  • Collect NFT (with good stats) to be ready to play as soon as the game is officially released. Early adopters of the Treasury Box will receive many first-mover advantages such as being ready to build defenses and fight formidable enemies in the game.
  • A chance to own the unique Mongen – the soul of Monsterra and build a personalized land from rich NFTs.
  • Trade Treasury Box on Marketplace for profit.


200 winners will be selected based on referrals recorded by Please register to participate in the Giveaway via the following link:

For this Giveaway campaign, participants will need to complete a series of tasks for a chance to win the whitelist.

Important Note

  • This is a campaign that Monsterra co-hosts with the Binance NFT Marketplace, so all participants need to provide the correct Binance UID.
  • 200 lucky winners will receive a Treasury Box on Binance NFT Marketplace. These boxes will also be unboxed here.

About Monsterra

Monsterra is a Free-to-Play-to-Earn blockchain title, inspired by the pet world of the Axie Infinity game and gameplay in Supercell’s Clash of Clan or Boom Beach.

The game takes players into a fantasy world revolving around farming, building assets and battling other lands and mystical creatures called Mongen. Monstera’s revolutionary design is a combination of Free-to-Play and Free-to-Earn models, allowing millions of game enthusiasts to enjoy fun and high profits without giving up. initial investment capital.

Learn more about the project: Twitter | Telegram Official Chat | Telegram Announcement | Discord | Medium

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