More than 12 million is still worth buying?

More than 12 million is still worth buying?

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2023-03-17 18:58:41

Although the iPhone 14 has been released, the iPhone 13 series is still popular with Vietnamese customers because of its design, performance and photography capabilities, but it has a much more accessible price than the 14 series.

Price of iPhone 13 latest update in March

The price of unboxing iPhone 13 continued to plummet to the floor in early March. Specifically, the price of iPhone 13 is updated in detail as follows:

  • iPhone 13 – 128GB: VND 17,490,000
  • iPhone 13 – 256GB: 20,490,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 – 512GB: 21,790,000 VND

Thus, the price of unboxing iPhone 13 is being reduced from 7.5 to 12.2 million VND, this amount is even enough to buy an extra 128GB iPhone 11 to help Vietnamese customers save a lot of costs.

The design of iPhone 13 is still popular with many people

iPhone 13 still has a square monolithic design with a sturdy aluminum frame and a luxurious glass back. However, it has a better screen-to-body ratio than the iPhone 12, providing a more enjoyable user experience.

Apple also listens to users when it has shrunk the notch up to 20% to increase the display space, providing the most eye-catching movies and games.

The dual rear camera set is also strangely arranged by Apple, no longer lined up vertically like the iPhone 12. iPhone 13 also comes with many new and diverse colors, bringing more personality options to customers.

How powerful is the performance no less than the iPhone 14?

iPhone 13 owns a large 6.1-inch OLED screen with high resolution, for extremely detailed, sharp and beautiful display quality. Super Retina XDR display technology also helps the phone have a maximum brightness of up to 1200 nits, so it can display sharp images in a variety of lighting conditions. Apple also coated the screen with an oleophobic layer to limit dust, sweat, and fingerprints.

iPhone 13 is also powered by the ultra-modern A15 Bionic chipset, no less than the iPhone 14. Therefore, users can comfortably use heavy tasks such as playing games, editing photos, watching livestreams without any problems. No worries about overheating or lag.

In addition, the machine also multitasks well thanks to the included 4GB RAM and many storage options to help you comfortably download and store documents, images, and videos.

Equipped with a large 3095 mAh battery, iPhone 13 can meet 2.5 hours longer usage time than iPhone 12. Moreover, the A15 Bionic chip also supports 5G connectivity with more than 200 popular carriers globally, including 3 major carriers in Vietnam, Viettel, VinaPhone and MobiFone.

The dual camera set for photography performance is much better than the iPhone 12 “

As mentioned above, the iPhone 13 has a dual camera setup with the same 12MP resolution on the back, so it is able to capture 47% more light. Therefore, the photo quality of the iPhone 13 is also much higher than that of the iPhone 12. Not only that, the 120-degree ultra-wide camera also helps to capture more details, which is very suitable for capturing landscapes or large groups of people.

The camera cluster also features Sensor Shift optical stabilization to help focus quickly, allowing clear night shots with less noise and smoother stable video recording. In addition, it also has a “cinema mode” that helps you create artistic photos.

The 12MP front camera is still housed in the notch, enhanced with modern technology such as bokeh, cinematic mode, Animoji and Memoji so you can confidently express yourself in front of the camera, without worrying about facial flaws.

Deciphering the reason why iPhone 13 becomes the most “expensive” iPhone today

Although it was launched 2 years ago, the iPhone 13 is still chosen by many Vietnamese customers because of its beautiful design, recognizable diagonal dual camera set, as strong performance as the iPhone 14, but at a cheaper price. much more than when it was released. Moreover, the iPhone 13 is certainly not obsolete for at least 3-4 years, so this is really a phone worth experiencing.

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