Morpheus, the ‘invulnerable’ chip left 500 security experts ‘hands on arm’

Morpheus, the ‘invulnerable’ chip left 500 security experts ‘hands on arm’


2021-03-31 04:01:08

Morpheus – the chip possessing no more flashy nicknames such as “the safest processor in the world”, “inviolable chip model”, or “the hacker’s etiquette” – just continued to prove that The world sees that the titles that they have are not at all “indestructible names”.

The chip developed by the University of Michigan (USA) has once again discouraged the white-hat hacker world by going through an unprecedented test, with the participation of more than 500 experts. Top cybersecurity – those who have spent three months “scratching their heads” figuring out how to hack it.

Specifically, DARPA, a technology development agency of the US Department of Defense, organized a test specifically for Morpheus that lasted from June to August last year. More than 500 cybersecurity experts participated in this test and their mission is to break the security layer of Morpheus. The first person to hack this chip will be rewarded with a large amount of money. 3 months have passed and no security experts have been successful.

Morpheus chip is equipped with “transform” technology that provides the ability to self-scramble data. Photo: University of Michigan.

With the top 500 brains, all that time and effort, the fact that Morpheus is still standing has once again demonstrated the undisputed security capabilities of this chip, at least for now.

Previously, experts from the University of Michigan (UoM) called Morpheus “unhackable” chip, caused a wave of controversy in the global security community. This can also be said to be a “welcome” move for the world’s leading hackers that “you are free to try if you want”.

So what makes Morpheus’ holistic? Morpheus has become “invulnerable” due to being equipped with two encoding and conversion technologies. The technology of transformation means that when the system is active, Morpheus will randomly mix important user information such as data, location and software format. This is like a piece of rubik capable of rearranging itself every second.

Imagine trying to solve a Rubik’s cube that rearranges the squares every time you blink. That’s what hackers have to face if they want to pierce Morpheus. It turns the computer into an unsolvable puzzle. Developers are constantly writing code and as long as new code is available, there will be new bugs and security holes. With Morpheus, even if a hacker finds a bug, the information needed to exploit it disappears within milliseconds. This discourages even the best hackers”, Says Todd Austin, an expert from the Morpheus development team.

This ability to encode and scramble sounds like a terrifying nightmare when it comes to problems with coding or even usage. But Austin claims that Morpheus’s design is completely transparent to both the software developer and the user.

It is also said that the degree of data disturbance of the chip will affect usage. However, Austin says, this conversion technology only affects 1% of system performance so there should be no problems.


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