Mutant Lan is encrypted into a thousand USD NFT asset for trading

Mutant Lan is encrypted into a thousand USD NFT asset for trading

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2021-06-21 02:21:50

In the past 1 week, on the OpenSea exchange, there have been “NFT Lan” items – Mutant Lan encrypted into NFT assets for trading. Through auction and trading in cryptocurrencies, most commonly ETH, the buyer will own a digital mutant, on the blockchain network.

Similar to collecting mutant orchids in real life, the owner of “NFT Orchid” can prove himself the sole owner of this “orchid”.

Lan NFT mutation.

People have used AR technology to bring real-life mutant orchids into digital form and then turn them into NFT using technologies such as smart contract, blockchain… Buyers of mutant orchids NFT does not own the actual plant, but only owns a digital version of that orchid and is recognized on the blockchain network.

The value of the NFT spike on the exchange is decided through an auction. In theory, rare, high-value real-life orchids that become NFTs will also have high values.

The time and number of NFTs released for different orchids will vary to make a difference in value. Only very few mutant lines of higher value will be released.

For example, the HO orchid line usually costs 250 USD per plant, the Phu Tho orchid costs 100 USD per plant, there will be a maximum of 2,000 NFTs issued. As for rarer orchids such as Ngoc Son Cuoc orchid, which costs 10,000 USD/plant, or Co Do orchid 12,500 USD/tree, it will only issue up to 100 NFT. Each NFT will be numbered.

As of June 20, more than 100 NFT lans have been posted on OpenSea. The number of transactions is also small and the highest auction for an NFT lan is currently 0.2 ETH (about 10 million VND).

Experts say that, before deciding to buy NFT lan as well as any type of NFT, investors should consider carefully because if they are interested and hunt for their value can reach millions of dollars, but also can be zero if not transacted.


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