N-TEK Distribution is officially an authorized distributor of SonicWall in Vietnam

N-TEK Distribution is officially an authorized distributor of SonicWall in Vietnam


2021-03-27 22:41:24

At the event, the world’s leading provider of cybersecurity products and solutions – SonicWall signed a cooperation agreement and officially selected N-TEK Technology Distribution Co., Ltd. (N-TEK Distribution Technology Co., Ltd) is an Authorized Distributor of its security products and solutions in Vietnam. This cooperation not only marked a transformation with N-TEK Distribution but also created a springboard to help SonicWall develop stronger in the Vietnamese market.

Together with the SonicWall brand to organize this seminar, N-TEK officially affirmed the sustainable cooperation between the two sides, and at the same time committed to providing customers with top total solutions, optimal for information technology network infrastructure and network security.

Mr. Phan Thanh Cuong, Managing Director of N-TEK Distribution said: “Together with SonicWall, we want to bring you the most useful information, so that we can guide, advise and support our partners. Enterprises, investors can choose investment options with effective, appropriate, optimal network technology and network security solutions, successfully building a modern, powerful and safe IT system. on the journey of development. ”

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In addition to SonicWall, N-TEK Distribution is also an Authorized Distributor of many other famous technology firms in the world such as Extreme Networks (USA), Belden (USA), …

N-TEK Distribution aims to become a reliable partner of businesses and organizations in the ICT field, not only by choosing leading manufacturers, products and technology solutions, in line with their needs. essential needs of businesses and organizations but also by consulting services, quality and professional support.

For more information about N-TEK Distribution, please contact:

Hotline: +84 978 3 69 966 Website: http://n-tek.com.vn/

About SonicWall:

SonicWALL is an American security company, established in 1991, headquartered in San Jose California, specializing in providing solutions and products for the famous Network Security in the market.

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The number of SonicWall customers up to now has reached more than 500,000 organizations spanning more than 200 countries and regions. More than 3 million Firewall devices have been shipped over the course of 28 years with the mission of ensuring cybersecurity for more than 62,000 students – students and faculty, and millions of leaders and employees of Government agencies. 100% of the employees of the 4 largest auditing companies in the world are connected and work remotely, helping entertainment companies reduce the deployment time by 75%.

The flagship product of SonicWall is Next Generation Firewalls with powerful technologies and capabilities that provide comprehensive protection for all system security needs of all sizes of businesses / organizations. Next Gen Firewall is a new generation firewall solution that, in addition to the basic features of the traditional firewall generation using Stateful Packet Inspection technology, also integrates a lot of new technologies towards the management of safety. user, control user activity and ensure the security of the entire system up to layer 7 (application layer) of the OSI model.

Sonicwall firewalls include: High-end Firewall – NSsp Series, Mid-range Firewall – Nsa Series, Firewall SOHO / TZ-series.

NSsp Series high-end firewall (SonicWall Network Security services platform) is the leading line of firewalls in terms of performance and security, helping to maximize network protection from the most dangerous threats without sacrificing performance. . The NSsp firewall family takes an innovative step toward detecting and preventing threats by combining device-based protection and cloud computing on a high-performance and reliable platform. It’s perfect for large businesses, data centers, and service providers.

Next is the mid-range firewall – NSa Series mid-range firewall (SonicWall Network Security appliance), specially designed for businesses with 250 or more users. Integrated cloud-based and on-box features such as TLS / SSL decoding and discovery, intelligent application control, Secure SD-WAN, WLAN visualization and management, Nsa Series Firewall helps with Flexible, fast, and cost-effective threat control for mid-sized businesses.

The next product is the SOHO / TZ-series Firewall. The SonicWall TZ series of firewalls are specially designed for the needs of small and medium businesses and branches, providing enterprise-grade security that is simple and cost-effective, easy to operate, and easy to use. . With advanced administration features such as Secure SD-WAN and Zero-Touch Deployment, businesses just need to connect to the device and enjoy advanced protection without worrying about threats or management. complex.

Thanks to outstanding scientific and technological research to bring high value cybersecurity products and solutions, SonicWall has won many prestigious technology awards.

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For more information about SonicWall, please visit Website: https://www.sonicwall.com/

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