Name 5 pairs of headphones worth buying in 2022

Name 5 pairs of headphones worth buying in 2022

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2023-01-10 13:22:41

Looking back to 2022, the headset market has had great fluctuations. Technology companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple, besides perfecting the design and features, also seek to seriously upgrade the sound quality. This puts pressure on other wireless headset manufacturers, raising the overall quality of the market significantly. Wired headphone companies have not stopped, both upgrading the high-end segment and creating “delicious” pairs of headphones at increasingly cheaper prices.

Today we will “show the face” of the best headphones that are released in 2022 and continue to be worth buying in early 2023.

Headphone of the year

The most valuable and also obvious option is the Apple AirPods Pro 2 – the pair of headphones that have won our “Headphone of the Year” award. From the outside, this pair of headphones does not have too many differences compared to the previous generation, but a closer look will see the upgrades are worth paying attention to.

The headset charging box has a speaker to search for when it is lost, the published usage time is increased from 24 hours to 30 hours, active noise cancellation technology continues to be upgraded to lead the market, press Imagine with a pair of tiny headphones like this. The downside of the pair of headphones is still not working at full capacity, or in other words, the lack of features when used with Windows computers, Android smartphones.

We’ve got an article that summarizes the reasons for AirPods Pro 2 to become the “Headphone of the Year”, inviting readers READ MORE.

Option for exercise, sports

Our pick if you like to enjoy music while exercising is the EarFun Free Pro 2. The factors that made this product selected include: Ultra-compact design to fit snugly in the ear (increased comfort) roof, avoiding wind noise), 30 hours of use, with ANC active noise cancellation in the mid-range price range and IPX5 water resistance.

Name 5 pairs of headphones worth buying in 2022, having a Tet bonus is worth considering right away - Photo 2.

Of course, Free Pro 2 can also be used when sitting and entertaining, the headset has low latency, so there is no “picture before sound” phenomenon when watching movies, playing games. The downside lies in the brand issue, although making a strong impression on foreign markets, EarFun is still unfamiliar to the vast majority of Vietnamese users when placed next to Apple, Sony or Huawei.

True Wireless is cheap but the quality is not cheap

Since the smartphone segment has been lost, Huawei has focused more on the audio-visual product market and created many valuable options for the market. The Huawei FreeBuds SE pair is priced at under VND 1 million, but we appreciate it in many ways: Neat design from both the charging box to the headset, 24 hours of use, low latency, so you can watch movies comfortably. , playing games along with the sound quality is not bad.

Name 5 pairs of headphones worth buying in 2022, having a Tet bonus is worth considering right away - Photo 3.

The downside of the FreeBuds SE is that this pair of headphones lacks active noise cancellation – a feature that seems like any newly launched True Wireless headset must have. However, because of its cheap price, we can still ignore it, natural noise cancellation is sometimes better than the “jagged” ANC of cheap products.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Although it did not win the “Headphone of the Year” award like its predecessor, the Sony WH-1000XM5 still easily claimed the title of “King of noise-cancelling headphones”. Referring to any technology, this pair of headphones has it all: a new design different from previous generations, leading environmental noise resistance thanks to the QN1 chip, 30 hours of use, multi-connectivity DSEE Extreme music enhancements and equipment.

Name 5 pairs of headphones worth buying in 2022, with Tet bonuses should consider immediately - Photo 4.

The headphones still have disadvantages, including the black version that is very oily on the hand, loses the ability to fold like the WH-1000XM4 and the sound quality has a residual bass. However, overall, it is difficult for any pair of headphones to beat this product. There’s a reason why Sony’s WH-1000X series is still chosen by everyone over the years!

The best wired headphones

Those of you who are still “attached” to wired headphones, don’t worry, this market is still alive and well and also continues to grow next to wireless headphones. Selection of “Best Wired Headphones 2022” for the Moondrop Kato pair. During the second half of 2022, this became a “craze in the price range of 200 USD” across all audio forums, with the advantage of being very solid steel finishing, changing the sound quality with a physical filter, and of course its musical performance.

Name 5 pairs of headphones worth buying in 2022, having a Tet bonus is worth considering right away - Photo 5.

Kato owns a thick sound quality but enough balance between the sound bands, besides the soundstage width and the ability to extract details in the song surpassing many other products in the price range. Wired headphones are a bit “old” now, so those who invest in Kato will need to buy a separate music player or buy an additional dongle because smartphones now no longer have a 3.5mm port!

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