NASA released photos of objects that made experts say aliens

NASA released photos of objects that made experts say aliens


2022-10-15 09:23:46

The photo actually shows WR140, a system of two stars orbiting each other. One of the two is Wolf-Rayet, a rare type of star hundreds of thousands of times brighter and much hotter than the Sun. They represent the final stage of evolution for massive stars tens of times more massive than the Sun.

When the photo was released by NASA, some experts exclaimed “It must be an alien” because of its weirdness.

That’s not the case, but WR140, under the amazing vision of the James Webb super telescope, helped find the first evidence that starlight can move visible matter beyond our solar system. .

According to Dr Yinuo Han from the University of Cambridge – UK, who led a study of WR140, the pair of stars orbited each other in an extremely elliptical orbit and it was their interaction that increased the strength of the Wolf-Rayet star. already unusually bright, creating a sort of “cosmic fireworks”.

This pair of powerful space objects literally created ripples, as they come together every eight years and produce dust. These dust rings fly out to form concentric rings, lit by intense light from the star system.

It is quite normal for binary pairs to produce dust, but the way they create such concentric rings of dust is very interesting, providing a lot of new things about how stars interact with their special surroundings. is this extremely rare form of Wolf-Rayet star.

The James Webb Space Telescope is the most advanced telescope available today, operated principally with NASA, in partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency).

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