New discovery about Toyota Vios 2023 makes Honda City “fire”, the risk of being left behind

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2022-05-17 20:38:24

(CHK) The latest source says that the Toyota Vios 2023 will have a lot in common with the all-new upcoming SUV model of the Japanese automaker.

Specifically, in addition to being developed on the DNGA platform – the foundation inherent in many Toyota SUVs such as Toyota Raize and Toyota Veloz, Toyota Vios 2023 (Yaris Sedan) also has many things in common with the Toyota D22 SUV model. brand new” is expected to be released later this year.

It is not clear what details the new generation Vios will have similar to this SUV. Moreover, the leaked images show that the front end of the new Toyota Vios is quite similar to the Lexus line. This is information that cannot help but make “bloody face” competitors in the B-segment sedan segment “anxious” because of the risk of being outdone by the Japanese representative.

Not long ago, Toyota Vios 2023 was discovered while running a test in Thailand. Immediately, this new version attracted a lot of attention from domestic customers.

In India, Toyota Vios was launched in April 2018, competing with Honda City, Hyundai Verna, or Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, but was discontinued because of poor sales. On the other hand, in Vietnam in particular and the Asian market in general, Toyota Vios is still a sedan with great attraction, therefore, Toyota’s development of the next generation of this model is receiving a lot of attention. heart.

Toyota Vios 2023 can be equipped with a 1.0L petrol engine or a 1.5L gasoline engine combined with a hybrid system that has improved performance and reduced emissions.

It has to wait until next year’s launch of Toyota Vios 2023 to know what this model will have in common with its upcoming B-class SUV. However, this is clearly good news for customers interested in this car. Toyota Vios 2023 promises to compete fiercely with Honda City right after its launch.

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