New features on Android 12: Enhance security, add one-handed mode thêm

New features on Android 12: Enhance security, add one-handed mode thêm

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2021-05-19 00:52:18

So Google has released the first beta for Android 12. Like previous developer betas, this is still a very early version of the software, so we don’t recommend using it as a daily driver.

In version Android 12 beta has many changes and upgrades. Such as tweaks to media handling and notification support, privacy improvements and haptic feedback, and a more polished notification user interface.

If like you are using Google Pixel, you can install Android 12 on your device right now. It is also available for select devices from other OEMs.

New features of Android 12 confirmed

Refined images and colors

At Google I/O 2021, the company confirmed that the design of Android 12 will be the biggest visual overhaul in years. The revamp is a partial iteration of its design language, called Material You.

With Android 12, the operating system will use the color extraction protocol to lift design elements off your installed wallpaper. This means that system-wide colors will change depending on your home screen background. This will allow an easy and automatic way to make your phone feel more unique.

In addition, on Android 12 There are also lots of new design tweaks, animations, spacing changes, etc.

Quick Fold Android 12 new

When you pull down the notification section, you’ll see circular icons at the top of the panel. But in Android 12 then it disappeared. In that position will be replaced by rounded rectangles. These operations work like the previous Quick Tiles. However, they are now larger and contain more information.

Improved privacy and security

At I/O 2021, Google announced new security features for Android 12 to make the data collection of apps more transparent. The new tools also give users more granular control over app permissions to help them better manage how and when apps access their information.

Android 12 introduces a new Privacy Dashboard that gives users a detailed look at how apps access their information. When you open it up, you’ll see a summary dashboard showing an overview of how many apps have accessed your location, camera, and microphone over the past 24 hours.

In the new Android 12 Privacy Dashboard, users will have access to an option to adjust app permissions. You’ll see a Manage Permissions setting on the timeline view page from which you can revoke a specific permission from an app.

Apart from the dashboard, there are a lot of changes being made. Let’s install and experience Android 12 version.

Notification improvements

Android 12’s notification system will be redesigned to improve aesthetics, usability, and functionality. Google tweaks drawers and controls and refreshes transitions and animations.

Responsiveness is also being targeted. Android 12 will prompt developers to remove “trampolines” — receivers or broadcast services of the middle man — that keep users out of notifications to the app. In Android 12, Google wants notification buttons that take users directly to the app itself. The company also “delays the display of some foreground service messages by up to 10 seconds,” which will give short tasks a short window to complete before pinging the user.

Easier Wi-Fi Sharing

In Android 12 version, sharing wifi will be easier through scanning QR. BILLIONThis new feature allows you to share your connection information with multiple people without having to give your phone to everyone to scan. That is definitely more convenient!

One-handed mode

This feature appeared in the first DP as a hidden item but didn’t officially launch until the second DP. It works just like the one-handed mode in iOS. First, you enable the feature in Android settings, then swipe down anywhere at the bottom of the screen. Doing so brings the top half of the screen down, giving you better access to any buttons, icons, or cOther bad features there.

Pairing sound effects

Google is allowing developers to combine haptic and audio feedback patterns in Android 12. Vibration intensity and duration are derived from audio cues, which adds an extra layer of richness to media playback or alerts. “For example, a video calling app could use a custom ringtone to identify the caller through haptic feedback, or you could simulate rough terrain in a racing game,” explains Google.

New widget organization

When you add a widget to your home screen, you can now view more categories of widgets at once. This will allow you to easily find the app you want a widget for and then add a specific widget. It’s a small change, but it will make widgets easier!

hibernating apps

Sometimes you want to uninstall some unnecessary apps because it takes up your device memory space. At this time, the application’s Hibernation mode will help you save memory space.

This feature strips an unused app of its permissions and clears the cache and temporary files that the app requires. It is also possible to restrict notifications for these apps. This will be available to Android users via a toggle in the “App Info” section of each app.

People who use phones with large capacity will not really feel the benefits of this feature. However, it will likely be a big addition to low-end Android devices or older phones for OS upgrades.

Above are the new features on Android 12. Let’s update and experience more about this version of the operating system.


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