New iMac (Pro) will be equipped with M1 Pro / M1 Max processor, mini-LED screen with ProMotion support

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2021-11-03 07:35:41

(CHK) Recently, a reliable leak source has revealed some inside information about a new iMac or iMac Pro line expected to launch in the first half of 2022.

Specifically, the information below was shared by Dylandkt – a leaker quite notorious for providing a lot of ‘real’ leaks in the previous year. According to this source, the new generation iMac – it is not clear whether the 27-inch iMac or the iMac Pro – will have many “genuine” features that have just been equipped on the new MacBook Pro line (2021).

There will be many “genuine” features that have just been equipped on the new MacBook Pro line

Here is the information provided by the leaker (with a little “correction”):

  • Series: iMac or iMac Pro
  • Screen: mini-LED screen with support for high refresh rate (ProMotion) – two outstanding upgrade points of the screen on the newly launched MacBook Pro system
  • Configuration of the lowest version:
    • RAM: 16GB
    • Internal Memory: 512GB
  • Processor: optional M1 Pro and M1 Max
  • Dark benzene bezel
  • Slots/connections: HDMI, SD card, USB-C
  • Design language: inspired by the 24-inch iMac (early 2021) and Pro Display XDR
  • Face ID just tested (but not sure if it will or not)
  • There is an Ethernet connection slot
  • Appear in the first half of 2022
  • Starting price: equal to or more than 2,000 USD (ie more than 45.5 million VND)
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Dylan reveals some information about the new iMac (Pro) on Twitter


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