New scooter ‘monster’ released: Unmatched design, power to ‘eat up’ Honda SH

New scooter ‘monster’ released: Unmatched design, power to ‘eat up’ Honda SH


2021-06-07 10:35:53

(CHK) The newly launched scooter model not only possesses an eye-catching design but is also equipped with a powerful engine block by the manufacturer, far beyond the Honda SH.

SYM – a car company from Taiwan has officially launched a new large scooter model, All New Maxsym 400. The models of this brand are very popular in many markets around the world. Therefore, the all-new SYM Maxsym 400 is also expected to create great appeal, attracting consumers.

Brand new SYM MAXSYM 400

In terms of design, the exterior design of the SYM MAXSYM 400 has an elegant, eye-catching style. However, this model still possesses a modern look and has some highlights of a sports scooter. The design of the MAXSYM 400 focuses on providing a comfortable driving posture for the user. The manufacturer also says that the chassis of the car is 18.5% lighter than the previous version.

In addition, the all-new SYM MAXSYM 400 has also changed the position of the motor, battery and radiator. In order to correct the balance of the vehicle and increase the fit for better use, this model has been updated with a new front suspension and a rear suspension with adjustable preload. In addition, the changes on the new MAXSYM 400 also include a new ignition system, traction control system, an adjustable front bumper …

In terms of power, SYM MAXSYM 400 uses a 399cc single-cylinder engine that meets EURO 5 standards. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 34 horsepower at 6,750 rpm and maximum torque of 39.5 Nm. at 5,250 rpm. This power is more than 2 times stronger than the Honda SH 150i (16.9 hp) and even exceeds the 29 hp of the Honda SH 350i.


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