New type of SSD with security against ransomware and data theft

New type of SSD with security against ransomware and data theft

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2021-05-21 15:01:42

This amazing “tech toy” is the product of a partnership plan between two technology companies called Phison Electronics Corp and Cigent Technology, Inc. Basically, experts will integrate a series of specific security mechanisms directly into the SSD’s firmware, thereby helping it to defend itself against ransomware intrusions as well as attacks. data theft.

More specifically, in the event of an attack, the security software built into the firmware can help protect the hard drive against ransomware and data theft – with the ability to compute, detect direct public and encrypted. Simply put, the hard drive will be able to automatically encrypt and protect the data inside effectively whenever a malicious activity occurs.

Named K2 Secure SSD and Denali Secure SSD, these two hard drive models use Phison’s PS5012-E12DC Crypto-SSD NVMe NVMe driver, and are equipped with security features based on embedded firmware, as well as Dynamic Data technology. Defense Engine for Windows (D3E) exclusive to Cigent. Whenever a threat is detected, these SSDs will automatically deploy the encryption process and hide important data files in secure “chambers” from the OS layer. In fact, these hard drives can also operate in Dual Mode, dividing themselves into private/secure and non-private storage partitions, thereby offering the ability to hide specific areas of data one at a time. thoroughly when the hard drive is attacked. Not only that, these SSDs are also equipped with an attack detection system and sensors to enhance protection against physical theft.

Another advantage that is also very noticeable on Cigent Denali Secure SSD lies in the ability to detect ransomware and support machine learning-based data security.

Talking about these new products, Michael Wu, President of Phison Electronics US, said:

“These are the world’s first and only solid-state storage devices with self-protection capabilities, and are a breakthrough that challenges conventional thinking about data security.

The combination of Cigent’s proprietary security solutions and Phison’s leading expertise in providing secure SSD platforms allows users to trust that their data remains secure and untouched. affected by ransomware, as well as other malicious intrusions.

Cigent’s secure SSDs were previously only issued to certain government agencies and the US Army. However, these new products will be open to the public without limits.

In fact, the K2 Secure SSD is available now, with prices starting at $299 for a 480GB capacity. While the Cigent Denali Safe SSD is also expected to hit shelves this summer, the price has yet to be revealed. These secure hard drive models will be available in 480GB, 1TB and 2TB storage capacities.


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