New York deploys the COVID-19 “vaccine passport” authenticated by blockchain

New York deploys the COVID-19 “vaccine passport” authenticated by blockchain


2021-04-01 18:01:07

On March 26, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo launched the “Excelsior Pass” vaccination passport powered by blockchain technology built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass.

New York deploys “vaccine passport” COVID-19 which is authenticated by blockchain

Passport is issued through a voluntary and free platform verifying COVID-19 vaccination or negative test result via QR code to scan or print on a smartphone. The Excelsior Pass is intended to facilitate the reopening of businesses and public locations across New York following the pandemic.

The Immunization Passport is built on the IBM blockchain powered Digital Health Pass, allowing the verification and sharing of user personal information, immunization history and test results.

In the announcement, Governor Cuomo stressed the importance of using technology to reopen post-pandemic in a way that serves the public health and the economy:

“As more New Yorkers are vaccinated and as key public health indicators continue to consistently hit month-low rates, the Excelsior Pass is for the first time the next step in the process. Back on our well-curated science. ”

Steve LaFleche, IBM General Manager for Federal and Public Markets, proudly supporting New York’s reopening plan, said:

“IBM is proud to support the State of New York in its efforts to apply innovative technologies to help people and communities respond to COVID-19.”

Mr. Cuomo first revealed plans for a blockchain-enabled vaccination passport on March 2, after successfully testing the system at an NBA match in Brooklyn Nets last week.

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