Newton Project (NEW) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Guide to buying a second IEO Newton on the latest Huobi Prime

Newton Project (NEW) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Guide to buying a second IEO Newton on the latest Huobi Prime


2021-03-22 03:26:39

After the launch of the first IEO – TOP Network (TOP), Huobi decided to launch the second Newton IEO project – Newton Project (NEW) and will be sold on Huobi Prime. Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is not only one of the world’s leading exchanges and also one of the top cryptocurrency trading volumne exchanges, so the Newton Huobi IEO project will most likely get a lot of money. investor’s interest. So what is Newton Project (NEW)? How to buy IEO on Huobi Prime floor after being changed? Let’s find out with CHK through the article below!

IEO Newton Project

What is Newton Project?

The Newton Project is a platform that aims to create a protocol-based economy where everyone can directly benefit through economic growth. Newton Huobi aims to build infrastructure for a community-based economy and, through the provision of services around governance, collaboration, and incentive, Newton elevates the company’s economy to economy. Completely new, community-based economy benefits every contributor.

Newton Project owns a full-stack technology architecture, including the basic public Blockchain New chain (mainnet was launched on December 18, 2018, with main chain + sub-chain structure and base consensus processing POA and TPS over 5000, enterprise scalable), New Net and IOT decentralized storage service (including more than a dozen sensors).

Product of Newton Project
Product of Newton Project

The first application to run on Newton is New Mall, an online chain retailer that combines blockchain technology with e-commerce, through Newton, giant commercial intermediaries will be phased out, users along with Other contributors will benefit more. Outside retail, Newton Huobi also committed to fostering its foothold in practical applications in agriculture, supply chain, self-financing, payments, public welfare, games and other fields.

In addition, Newton Project currently owns a large community, over 89 countries. Newton formed 32 discussion groups, with more than 170,000 participants. For this project, the community is an extremely important factor and also the foundation for the development of the Newton community economy.

What are the actual products of the Newton Project?

Newton Project consists of 1 main series and many sub-series. The main chain will be responsible for transaction processing, sub-chain management, account management and management. The sub-chains will serve on the e-commerce companies as a way to join the network. Newton consists of many layers: the application layer contains decentralized applications, wallets and E-commerce platform. The middle layer representation is the exchange protocol for developing applications. In this class, NewChain is the place that holds the token data along with NewNet which is the place to store the data. Newton Virtual Machine – Newton Virtual Machine supports many programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, C, C ++, TypeScript, and smart contract functions.

Newton Project users can also control their personal data and, moreover, can profit from the use of it. In terms of supply chain management, Newton combined with Atom Hashing, an intensive technology to assign digital identities to items / goods by analyzing properties such as mass and weight. , size, shape and many other random characteristics.

The founding team and advisor of Newton Project Huobi

Like many other projects, Newton’s team includes extremely prominent names with a “huge” background with in-depth technological knowledge, the following are the members of the Newton Project team:

  • Xu Jizhe: Founder of Newton Project. Previously, he co-founded Zeuxx with Elastos, a free software community. Furthermore, he has professional experience in systems engineering and holds a BA (BA) in Computer Science.
  • Li Shubin: Co-founder of Newton. He used to be the Founder and CEO of Okbuy, a Chinese online shopping store.
  • Xia Wu: Newton software engineer, formerly you are Co-founder of Zeuxx.
  • Meng Guang: Newton software engineer.
  • Zhang Yu: Marketing Specialist at Newton, Founder of Wuzhou Online.
  • Among Newton’s advisers include Hang Feng – Co-founder of Elastos; Li Songbo – Nasdaq’s Chief Technology Officer-listed Sina; Hu Dinghe, a member of Elastos; Gu Xueyong – Professor of Tsinghua University (one of the most prestigious universities in China and Asia) and Lee Wilson.

Detailed information about the IEO Newton Project Huobi

NEW is the base token of the Newton Project.

  • Token Code: NEW
  • Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000, which includes
    • Foundation: 15,000,000,000 NEW accounts for 15%
    • Team: 10,000,000,000 NEW, accounting for 10%
    • Exchange Token (2% will be sold on Houbi Prime): 13,823,661,261.46 NEW accounts for 13.82%
    • Tokens are burned: 1,176,338,738.54 NEW accounts for 1.18%
    • Community Incentive : 60,000,000,000 NEW, accounting for 60%.
New token allocation structure
New token allocation structure

Find out more about the project information:

Selling method on Huobi Prime: “First come, first serve” – ​​”Whoever comes first, buy first”

Main transaction allocation in each “Price Limit” round:

  • Round 1: 400,000,000 NEW. Price 1 NEW = 0.001667 USD.
  • Round 2: 600,000,000 NEW. Price 1 NEW = 0.002000 USD.
  • Round 3: 1,000,000,000 NEW. Price 1 NEW = 0.002400 USD.

There will be three rounds called “Price Limit”, the first 5 minutes of each round are devoted to trading, after 5 minutes is the time to pay the token. Here are the prices for each round

  • Round 1: “Price Limit”: 19:00:00 – 19:09:59.
  • Round 2: “Price Limit”: 19:10:00 – 19:19:59.
  • Round 3: “Price Limit”: 19:20:00 – 19:29:59.

Note: The first two rounds will be performed on a first come, first served basis through market orders. The third ring will then be adjusted to suit the system.

Huobi Token (HT) will be used as a token to buy NEW.

In particular, CHK would like to note readers some important points as follows:

  • Conditions of participation: Users need to hold a daily average of 500 HT, continuously for 30 days before joining the IEO (from 00:00 on March 17 to 23:59 on April 15).
  • To avoid extreme price volatility caused by FOMOHoubi will restrict the use of market orders within 5 minutes after the transaction is officially opened. The user cannot place an order with a price 05 times higher than the highest trading price, during the “Prire Limit” in the third round.
  • Personal limits: This limit is proportional to the average daily HT holdings, over a period of 30 days prior to the launch date. Specifically according to the table below

As for the guide to using Huobi Prime to buy IEO, CHK has a detailed guide article here.


Through the above article, CHK has provided readers with the most detailed information about the project as well as the process of purchasing IEO Newton Huobi Prime. However, all investment decisions are yours, the article is not about calling for investment, I wish you luck and have the wisest decisions!

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