NFT Charlie Bit My Finger on Origin hit a record and was published in many major newspapers

NFT Charlie Bit My Finger on Origin hit a record and was published in many major newspapers


2021-05-25 05:50:45

This past weekend, the record for selling NFT videos / viral memes was set by video Charlie Bit My Finger sold on Origin NFT Launchpad. Video achieved 883 million views on Youtube and is the most watched viral video of all time, with billions of views on other platforms. We congratulate 3Fmusic – auction winner, renowned NFT collector, and the Davies-Carr family, creators of the video.

Charlie Bit My Finger has made history again by breaking previous records for meme sales in the form of NFTs set by Nyan Cat at around $580,000 and Disaster Girl at around $500,000. Charlie Bit My Finger has brought home more than 760,000 USD Despite correcting market conditions, Bitcoin and Ethereum plunged in recent weeks. This demonstrates that NFTs will survive market conditions and demonstrates Origin Launchpad’s leadership position. Origin is changing the way digital content is owned and distributed, creating new opportunities for creators, consumers, and communities.

Charlie Bit Me Auction History

The winning bidder is 3Fmusic – a renowned NFT collector and music producer in Dubai. Hundreds of people participated in the auction and many more watched and celebrated the event on the Clubhouse as the auction progressed. This historic NFT auction was posted on:

  • Famous newspapers such as Good Morning America, CBS, CNBC, ABC, Fox News, KTLA, CNN, BBC, NPR;
  • Print and online editions of The New York Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, LA Times, Rolling Stone, New York Post, Daily Mail, Yahoo!, Fox Business, Hypebeast;
  • Crypto newspapers like CoinDesk and local newspapers like Chosun, HKB News, Naver.

It is rare for a digital asset sale to receive such media attention in such a short time. This proves that the attraction of NFT is not small.

Davies-Carr family photo taken in 2017 (source: Caters News Agency)

The video’s protagonist Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr grew up with YouTube as the original creator platform. As they enter adulthood and the next phase of life, they are making history once again by being one of the first to sell NFTs on the Origin NFT Launchpad platform. Charlie Bit My Finger has brought joy to billions of people and as part of the creation of the NFT, the Davies-Carr family will remove the video from YouTube to reinforce the uniqueness and scarcity of the NFT.

Due to the video’s timeless nature and popularity, there has been some controversy between the community and internet commentators as to whether removal from YouTube was the right move to promote NFT globally. or not. In response to this, the Davies-Carr family let the winner of the NFT auction, 3FMusic, decide what would happen to the YouTube version of Charlie Bit My Finger.

Stay tuned for future auctions that will make history with Origin.

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