NFT collection of a 6-year-old girl introduced at EXPO Dubai

NFT collection of a 6-year-old girl introduced at EXPO Dubai


2022-04-05 23:58:20

At EXPO Dubai, Lily – a 6-year-old girl introduced to the public a collection of hand-made NFT art.

EXPO Dubai is an international expo held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The theme of the event was “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. At EXPO Dubai, Lily was invited to attend as a young speaker here. She gave a speech at the Israel Pavilion for her initiative with the theme “Financial Power of Women in NFT”.

In-depth knowledge for newbies about NFT

A work in the Rainbow Girls collection

Lily’s NFT collection is named “Rainbow Girls” by her, which means happiness and hope. Lily said the goal of these works is to promote gender equality in the blockchain industry. She wants to attract more women into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens and crypto.

Rainbow Girls is a project spontaneously born from Lily’s mind and hands. All were hand drawn, then digitized to create the NFT collection. The number of works reached 1000, an impressive number for a girl only 6 years old. The content throughout the collection is drawings of girls, presented in many different forms and colors. What they all have in common is a cheerful shade, symbolizing female beauty.

Lily, born in 2016, is the owner of the NFT RainbowGirls collection

With her perseverance and determination, Lily has proven that NFT in particular and blockchain in general is for everyone and has no age or gender restrictions. Statistical data shows that less than 5% of blockchain community participants are women. Most of the rest don’t even understand what cryptocurrencies are. This means that women are being left behind in future technological developments.

Speaking at the EXPO Dubai event, Lily said:

“I want to inspire all girls around the world by trying to increase our presence in the NFT sector, bringing gender diversity to the market. I’m six years old and I want to change the world. But when I tell people that, they tell me – You’re just a little girl. You have to wait! One child cannot change the world.

Maybe I can’t change everything. But I know that every day is an opportunity to change a little! So girls all over the world please join my journey, prove your worth to the whole world.”

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