NFT Pepper Attack game launches Hero Pepper collection March 27 to clear the way for Beta Game

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2022-06-06 21:35:42


The Play-To-Earn Pepper Attack project announces the launch of a new NFT collection called “Pepper Hero” with 6000 NFTs that will be released on the Polygon network on March 27, 11.00 EST (March 22). Each of these NFTs are not mere avatars, but have been developed into playable characters in the game. This is the second NFT collection released by the project. The first collection called “Mystic Pepper” was released in 2021 – the time when NFT in general and Game NFT in particular exploded and became a global phenomenon, attracting the attention of many investors. private and game players.

6,000 new NFT Heroes will be “mint” (an NFT-specific term) at a special cost of only 0.015 ETH per NFT (about $45 at current Ethereum rates). These NFTs will be sold exclusively on the project’s official website on March 27 and then on OpenSea, the world’s largest marketplace for NFT digital assets.

Over time, NFT has evolved from avatars that provide no value, to tokens that earn passive rewards, and now tokens with a wide variety of in-game utilities. Players will have new experiences through gameplay, artwork, and storyline. Pepper Attack is a successful example of diving into all three types of NFT uses, making it a reliable, potential investment for investors, collectors or gamers.

Pepper Attack emerges as a project at the forefront of creating value for participants through a variety of exciting and potentially profitable NFT options. Players can collect and collect Pepper NFTs, using these Pepper NFTs to “mine” MYTE – the in-game token, passively for daily rewards. In addition, after each release of new Hero NFTs, the owner can also control the character to play the game and earn tokens from the game.

To be updated with the latest information about the project, users should join the community Discord, Telegram and follow Twitter by Pepper Attack.

Pepper NFT Owners Invited to Beta

The Pepper Attack game development team created the next generation of digital art. The new Hero Pepper collection includes six unique NFT characters with varying stats and rarity. Owning Pepper Hero also means that players will be invited to play the beta – Beta game in early April, helping to shape the game.

The first Pepper characters to appear include Chilli Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Reaper Pepper, Bell Pepper, and Purira. The characters’ names are inspired by different types of chili peppers. Each character has unique personality, strength and skills. Behind each Pepper is an interesting, unique story waiting for players to discover.

Stats (in-game stats) are randomly generated when “mint” and can also be enhanced with in-game items. There are 6 different stats: Attack, Energy, Vitality, Evasion, Defense, Speed, and Critical Hit. The rarity level includes 4 levels: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarity is determined by “Growth Points”, which are also randomly generated when mint.

Just like the 10,000 NFTs “Mystic Pepper” launching in 2021, Hero Pepper owners will also have the ability to use their NFTs in the game as well as the future Pepper metaverse universe.

About Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is a play-to-earn (play-to-earn) NFT game built on the Polygon network. The game developer created Pepper Attack, inspired by hit games like Maple Story, Runescape & Heroes of Mighty and Magic. In the game, players will collect and nurture fictional characters called Peppers. In addition, players can perform quests to collect NFTs, team up to battle, and buy & sell characters, lands, and items with other players.

With the motto “Made for gamers by gamers”, Pepper Attack is driven and built by a team of dedicated developers, has a development roadmap and a solid token economy (tokenomics). The project also provides a new approach to the play-to-earn concept of NFT games. Pepper Attack has a large community of collectors and gamers, more closely known as “Pepperfam”.

Pepper Attack’s team of indie game developers is always aiming to build an active, healthy and truly knowledgeable community about the future of Game NFT. Therefore, each member is always actively participating in interaction, communication, answering questions from players on social networking platforms (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, …).

What makes the project different?

There is no denying that there are many players who leave Play-to-earn titles shortly after they are no longer earning income from those titles. But with Pepper Attack, it is different, thousands of people have become friends and will continue to stick with the project to experience valuable updates coming in the near future.

Both Mystic Pepper and Hero Pepper holders can collect in-game tokens, participate in Pepper Attack ecosystem activities, earn rewards and tokens for gaming, etc. Mystic Pepper holders also enjoy a share daily passive rewards by letting their NFTs “mine” MYTE tokens, in-game currency and the Pepper Metaverse universe.

In addition, Game developers expressed their desire to increase the value of NFT assets owned by users when continuously launching new projects, developing more outstanding features of the game in the future. future.

Another interesting point that sets Pepper Attack apart from other NFT titles is that the game was originally developed on the Ethereum network, but was later migrated to the Polygon network to minimize the gas fees paid for the game. mint NFT and game related transactions. This is the key to helping players save a cost of up to $300,000 in 2021 and that number will reach millions of dollars in the following years.


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