NFT Ukrainian flag sold for 6.75 million USD

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2022-03-05 08:48:18

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, many individuals and organizations working for peace have spoken out and acted in support of Ukraine’s defense of its territory. The movement to donate through cryptocurrency, NFT is also active around the world.

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The UkraineDAO Decentralized Organization raised 2,258 ETH (about $6.75 million) in an auction that started on February 26 and ended on March 2.
Launched last month, Ukraine DAO was founded by Alona Shevchenko, a Ukrainian activist living in the UK. Shevchenko says that UkraineDAO was created when she brought together members of the PleasrDAO digital artist collective and the Pussy Riot art group because they share the same artistic vision.

NFT Ukrainian flag

Sharing about the reason for the creation of the Ukrainian national flag NFT, Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot said that the use of the Ukrainian flag was for solidarity.

“I personally promoted the use of the Ukrainian flag. Because it was not associated with any particular artist or aesthetic, it was a pure gesture of solidarity.”

Contributions to the Ukraine DAO come from many sources, including the OnlyFans website. On February 27, 500 ETH (about $1.41 million) was sent to the Ukraine DAO, according to blockchain tracker Etherscan. The organization says that all donors will receive a “POAP”—an NFT meant to mark and honor their contributions to peace.
The founder of Ukraine once said:

“This is exactly the purpose of DAOs, creating real-world offline change by harnessing the power of blockchain.”

According to data from analytics website Elliptic, more than $54.7 million in cryptocurrency from over 102,000 donations have gone to the Ukrainian government and NGOs as of March 2.

Notable donations to Ukraine include $5.8 million from Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, $10 million in donations from Binance, and a CryptoPunk NFT worth over $200,000.

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