NFT Uniswap v3 for over half a million USD – A catalyst that combines NFT and DeFi?

NFT Uniswap v3 for over half a million USD – A catalyst that combines NFT and DeFi?


2021-04-01 16:54:53

The animated video used by Uniswap to promote its V3 platform was sold as NFT for 310 ETH, or about $ 520,000.

The buyer of this NFT work was the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO was inspired by the PoolTogether’s co-founder, Leighton Cusack, was created specifically to buy the NFT.

Alex Svanevik, chief executive of cryptocurrency data platform Nansen and a member of the DAO, has spent a lot of words on the owner of the work, Pplpleasr1.

“Pplpleasr1 created the most iconic NFT ever created on any blockchain. Not only that, but Pplpleasr1 has inspired us to promote a community-first approach. ”

With that, Hayden Adam, founder of Uniswap, also congratulated the event. It is known that all proceeds from the NFT purchase will go to charities.

Specifically, Pplpleasr is donating the full amount to the Asian travel companion to help stop hate crimes and discrimination against Asian Americans as well as Pacific islanders.

Pplpleasr was thrilled about his NFT work when he unexpectedly paid such high prices. She said it took more than a month to release the product. The work has been sold on the NFT Foundation.App trading platform.

Meanwhile, not only was the DAO created to purchase the Uniswap v3 NFT, the organization is also planning to buy more works of art. Svanevik said the DAO fund is currently worth around $ 200,000 in ETH form.

More than 30 people from the Ethereum community are part of the DAO, including Calvin Liu of Compound, Tarun Chitra of Gauntlet Network and Andrew Kang of Mechanism Capital.

In addition to possibly purchasing more NFTs in the future, the DAO may also have artistic commissions from the artists the organization wants to support. Also, with the DeFi experience present in the DAO, the organization can experiment with integrating NFT and DeFi together in the future.

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