website domain name sold for record $15 million

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2022-08-07 08:21:41

The domain name caused a fever when it was traded for 15 million USD. This can be considered the second most expensive domain name sale in history. domain name sold for record $15 million

According to a press release, the deal was brokered by and GoDaddy. Buyer and seller identities are not currently disclosed, while serves as an escrow service provider.

The transaction was closed on August 3, making it one of the second-largest publicly reported domain name sales in the past few years, following’s $30 million sale in 2019. is also the most expensive crypto-related domain in history, surpassing even, which was purchased in 2017 for $2 million.

Jackson Elsegood, General Manager at, said:

The recent acquisition of is one of the largest web3-related transactions we have ever seen on the platform.

In April 2021, the domain name was briefly listed on GoDaddy for $100 million. Other registrars like NameCheap have countered these claims and say it’s not for sale. GoDaddy was promptly updated with the status that “ has been used“. domain listed on GoDaddy for $100 million domain listed on GoDaddy for $100 million

The Web3 domain name craze is back, especially as the transaction volume of ENS alphanumeric domains has increased sharply. Although there have been no sales transactions commensurate with the “vertigo” value of Web2 domain names, ENS domains are often sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

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Up to now, the largest sale of the ENS domain belongs to paradigm.eth, for 420 ETH (about 1.5 million USD) in October 2021. However, Paradigm has denied making the purchase of this domain name, despite the identical name.

Standing on the stance of a part of other users, they think that this may be a joke through the eyes, although the cost of this “joke” is quite expensive. However, their thinking is not unfounded when cases of “excessive” jokes have happened in the market. Notably, a very rare incident happened recently, an NFT investor because of “foolish” with ENS had to lose 100 ETH. #website #domain #sold #record #million

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