NIKE introduces NFT sneakers in the metaverse world

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2022-05-01 19:45:51

Nike, in partnership with RTFKT, has launched its first shoe for the metaverse: the Nike Cryptokicks. NFT has started trading on OpenSea and is worth more than 2.9 ETH ~ 67 million VND.

After months of extensive testing of the metaverse, Nike and RTFKT have revealed their Mnlth collection: the digital Nike Dunk sneakers with the ability to change looks. Last Friday, the owners of the Mnlth box – the mysterious virtual box that is airdropped for free to Clone-X token holders – received a surprise. They will participate in a series of tasks and quizzes to be able to receive NFT through the RTFKT website. NFT Treasures include a pair of Nike “CryptoKicks” (which can be customized using different styles and designs), an item that can be used to change the shoe’s appearance, and another Mnlth – implies another drop in the future.

Nike’s project has long been cherished with the intention of staying on top of the metaverse competition. The sneakers giant acquired digital fashion startup RTFKT in 2021, after the platform was hailed as the “Supreme of Digital Fashion” and has since filed several trademark application related to metaverse. This partnership also marks an acceleration in Nike’s digital evolution, with Nike Digital continuing to be the fastest-growing component of the company’s market with 26% of Nike Brand’s total revenue.

NIKE introduces NFT sneakers in the metaverse world

Nike and RTFKT’s perspective on the importance of community – as well as their similar nature – makes the two a logical match for Web3. RTFKT previously noted that the company’s main aim is to bring streetwear culture and limited edition products to the digital world. Meanwhile Nike looks to diverse perspectives to foster creativity and accelerate innovation, ensuring both are leaders in their respective fields. The company’s background strength and understanding of the sneaker community, as well as their openness to experimentation in the metaverse, seem to be paying off. Mnlth’s drop has garnered widespread public attention, garnering more than 200,000 views via RTFKT’s Instagram teaser on Friday.

To be able to convey the story of a right brand into the virtual world is extremely difficult, and Mnlth has succeeded. However, the brand is facing digital competition with their real-life rivals. The adidas ‘x Ready Player Me avatar platform was also released on April 28.

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