No capital investment, no stockpiling, small businesses in the provinces still sell like Dien May Xanh in big cities

No capital investment, no stockpiling, small businesses in the provinces still sell like Dien May Xanh in big cities


2021-05-15 15:48:43

Opportunity for retail point of sale

80% of the electronics retail market in Vietnam is in the hands of retail chains, of which 50% belongs to The Gioi Di Dong. Retail stores own the remaining 20% ​​of the market. However, despite having the advantage of being a local source of customers, these stores are limited by capital and a relatively narrow product range. When becoming a collaborator with Mobile World, these bottlenecks will be resolved.

Accordingly, small traders do not need to invest capital, do not need to import goods, but still have the opportunity to have 1-0-2 access to a huge “store” of genuine goods from The Gioi Di Dong and Dien May Xanh by logging in as sales cooperation on website or With thousands of products of various types and models, agents can meet the needs of customers through consulting their customers and placing orders right on the online website. The remaining stages including calling to confirm with customers, delivery, payment and after-sales will be handled by Mobile World.

No capital investment, no stockpiling, small businesses in the provinces still sell like Dien May Xanh in the big city - Photo 2.

For each successful transaction order, the agent will receive from 5% – 20% commission. This discount is considered to be more promising than the current purchase from a second- and third-tier distributor. Mr. Chi Bao, an electronics sales agent in Nam Dinh, said: “Normally, the discount rate of sellers in this industry is only 3% – 5%, in addition to the status of defective, damaged, and no goods. Therefore, the discount Mobile World offers is quite attractive.”

Bringing the experience at Dien May Xanh supermarket to the countryside from the big city

Previously, it was difficult to imagine that a store in a remote area of ​​a few dozen square meters could sell like a large city-scale supermarket, but with the new model, this has become quite easy. In addition to phones, dealers also have the opportunity to sell more electrical appliances, electronics, household appliances… such as a “genuine” Dien May Xanh supermarket.

A survey from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI shows that rural customers consume 3 times more than urban areas. Up to 95% of rural households in Vietnam are willing to buy a television, 92% can buy an electric or gas stove, 30% want to buy a refrigerator, a washing machine and 9% want to buy a computer… This consumption potential is great opportunity for agents when shaking hands with Mobile World.

No capital, no stockpiling, small businesses in the provinces still sell like Dien May Xanh in big cities - Photo 3.

Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em – CEO of The Gioi Di Dong and Dien May Xanh chain emphasized that rural selling points across the country possess a loyal customer base that retailers can hardly reach. The balance of supply and demand will be stabilized when agents receive the “support” of product resources from Mobile World, thereby allowing small businesses to expand their business advantages and meet all customers’ needs. products, helping to increase profits.

Above all, consumers in remote areas will also enjoy optimal benefits when in addition to accessing products with diverse designs and continuous updates, buyers also have the opportunity to use flexible payment methods. , convenient. For example, the form of installment payment is often found at big stores of The Gioi Di Dong, Dien May Xanh. Now, just a few steps away from the local store, customers have the promotion, care, warranty and after-sales service of the leading retail group in Vietnam.

Currently, Mobile World has opened the portal to invite small businesses to register to become sales agents.

Shop owners need to take the following steps:

● Step 1: Register now here and update information as required

● Step 2: Mobile World reviews the application (1-2 days) and comes to your store for appraisal

● Step 3: If the store meets the conditions, Mobile World will issue a sales account and password to become an official dealer

● Step 4: Consulting agent, placing orders for customers via Mobile World website / Dien May Xanh

● Step 5: Receive discount in 2 installments: as soon as an order is placed on the system and after the order is completed successfully

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