No day for god of fortune, best wishes for god of wealth

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2021-04-30 15:08:30

In addition to buying gold and preparing to celebrate the day of Than Tai Feast of January 10, many people also give good and meaningful wishes to relatives and friends who are doing business and doing business. Please refer to the best regards to God of Fortune below.

No to Than Tai, best wishes to Than Tai on the 10th

  • On the day of Than Tai, have a good year of buying and selling clothes, doing business smoothly and smoothly.
  • On the day of Than Tai, I wish everyone a prosperous business, buying garment and selling expensive for the whole year, with money full of jars.
  • On the occasion of Than Tai’s day, pray to Than Tai for a year of buying and selling expensive, good luck for the shops to do well, tons of fortune and fortune.
  • Good luck to everyone / everyone on Than Tai day. Happy New Year, buy and sell expensive, abundant money all year round.
  • Buy gold wristbands, welcome Than Tai, hope the whole family will be lucky and happy. Good luck and good luck all year round, gold is not all worn, money is plentiful.
  • On the day of Than Tai, wishing everyone a home, people are safe, well-off, and happy everywhere. All year round, he has a fortune, buys clothes and sells expensive, money is full.
  • I wish the homeowner the day of Than Tai to eat, make, buy and sell expensive, money full.
  • On the day of Than Tai, I wish the house sold expensive, good crops, do not worry too much, can not count money!
  • I hope the day Than Tai blesses the whole family to sell expensive, to distribute wealth and fortune, wish all year round a lot of customers, full of money.
  • Have a good day Than Tai luck, full of happiness, gold wearing all hands, buying good luck and selling money all year round.
  • God of Wealth Day, pray for the fortune for each person but cannot forget to wish for prosperity for the country! To pray to Than Tai for a year “buying and selling expensive”.
  • The day of Sacrifice Than Tai is approaching, we wish the house to be knocked on by Than Tai’s door, praying for a new year of prosperity and wealth.
  • The day of god of fortune! The owner is sincere! One year Canh Ty a year – health – prosperity and fortune – good and prosperous family religion! Wish all the business shops (selling garment and buying expensive)
  • The upcoming Than Tai day is an opportunity for people to bring Than Tai to their homes on the occasion of early spring. Buying gold to pray for good luck, god of wealth will bless you for a long year with prosperity proliferating.

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