No. For the most touching military service lover

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2021-04-26 05:33:58

Loving soldiers means loving away, you have to suffer many disadvantages. In times of sadness, hardship, and loneliness, there are no lovers around to share. At such times, do not forget to send your heart to the attention of the soldier who misses the soldier below!

1. Distance is unstoppable if we consider each other everything!

2. The geographical distance cannot stop 2 hearts facing each other!

3. Long distance love needs more sympathy and sharing than usual. So, let’s always trust each other and ourselves! Faith is the solid fulcrum of love when far away.

4. Long distance love will have times of boredom, self pity, fatigue and want to give up all. But at times like that, let’s think about the beginning to be able to keep love for a long time!

5. If the love between us is a thousand steps apart, you only need one step, I will take the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine steps.

6. Close or long distance love is no longer important. The most important thing is that we sincerely love and give each other the best.

7. We think more of the day than the fear of the storm and the distance.

8. Long distance love is the moment when I suddenly laugh when I think about you. Long distance love is when people live and love memories.

9. In this world, men have 3 things that they absolutely must protect: Fatherland, dignity and the woman they love. I feel proud of being the girl that you protect.

10. Although at the border islands of the country, but I will always be by my side, trust and love you!

11. Love far away to feel the deep, scratching nostalgia

Tears fell but his heart did not cool, because he still had him when he was exposed.

12. Love someone from far away

Is sending love to send love through the clouds through the wind

There is a person to wait, a place to find

Is still peaceful, happy because someone is far away

13. That year because a man wore a green military uniform

But I fall in love with everything blue.


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