No sign of hearing drop, stt tha thinh does not hurt

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2021-03-31 20:58:29

Stt drop hearing is no longer as simple as when it first appeared on the “market” hearing. The hearing hours are divided according to seasons, holidays, events such as Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day March 8, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the New Year’s hearing …

Even the translation season, which is also an event for “listeners” to use to “mold” out the sentences to match the theme of the event. Do not believe that you just groping on Tech’s listening station will see.

Another form of hearing loss stt, the hearing loss cap, is the unsigned hearing drop. You probably know that if our Vietnamese language without accent writing, sometimes it makes others misunderstand other content.

The same goes for unsigned stt, you can borrow this idea to write the unsigned stt that your crush can read will surely understand what you are trying to mean. So, please see the list below to post a Facebook status or send it to your crush.

Cap drop hearing without sign, stt drop hearing without sign of extreme

  • Money is enough for people, and for you, it’s enough you are du.
  • Heard that he has a very beautiful smile I love you see.
  • They say you are very dam dang so if you don’t love, it’s a waste
  • Power outage so I need it most now he sang here it is. (light)
  • I dedicated to helping you so I also want to melted with you (flirting)
  • I’m a bit difficult, so they often say it’s me thuong areca really (usually irritable)
  • I want to be a mosquito, because I want to chase you
  • Request means request, but I do love areca
  • I am bad at English, so people told me love you is also right
  • I have a lot of things to eat, but my favorite is still Security brother (photogenic)
  • I have one candy, you have two candies, you give me a kiss
  • If I were chosen as an animal, I just wanted to bo areca stop it
  • I have sulked, then just fine Just wait for me
  • Don’t mess with me, baby hon come here
  • In this world there are strong, weak people. As for you, you are lover
  • I don’t want more than anyone else, I just want to kiss me stop it
  • I guess you like to eat grass, because you are my father
  • I will pretend to be stupid, to be stupid
  • Looks like I’m a difficult customer, because of me love you so much.
  • I want to lose weight, because I want to more omnivorous than you
  • You and me make fun of it, then we will laugh at each other
  • You are this tall, why I can better than you
  • You just laugh at me, one day I laughed at you
  • You want me to have breakfast, I want to bring you dinner
  • You look so funny, can you marry me

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