Nokia 3320 leak: The world’s first super cheap ‘brick’ phone with 5G equipment

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2022-01-13 16:50:03

Recently, a new electric design of the Nokia 3320 has appeared on social networks and this is a completely new Nokia brick phone model with extremely strong 5G connectivity.

Entering 2022, Nokia besides smartphones with touch screens still owns a series of basic button phones with 2G/3G/4G technology to serve users in many developing countries. Therefore, Nokia 3320 5G is completely possible.

The new Nokia 3320 has a compact screen with traditional buttons on Nokia’s brick phones. This design can arouse the feelings of users of the 9X generation and earlier about the first phones they own. Except for Nokia, perhaps no other brand can do that at the time of 2022.

The screen size of Nokia 3320 is 2.8 inches and equipped with 720px resolution, you can not only swipe videos to browse news, but almost all the functions that 5G mobile phones support are available. available. It can be said that this is a 5G mobile phone specially designed for middle-aged and elderly people, combining the most popular design elements and returning to the classic look.

Despite being a brick phone, the Nokia 3320 also has a camera lens from Zeiss. That could be a 10MP dual camera module and an 8MP wide-angle lens. But this does not seem to make sense for a brick phone.

The battery capacity of Nokia 3320 5G will not be large and is only at 1500 mAh, but because the screen is an LCD panel, the power consumption will not be too great. Battery life could also become one of the selling points of the new Nokia 3320.

Nokia 3320 5G will be priced at less than 1 million VND with three colors blue, white and black. It is currently unknown when the Nokia 3320 5G will be released. The technology world expects it to be in 2022.


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