Nokia 5800 Xpress Music from a stunning Nokia success to the beginning of an irrevocable demise

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2022-05-13 20:20:19

(CHK) Seemingly a mistake, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music has quickly become one of Nokia’s most successful smartphones.

8 million devices sold in just one year. That’s the number of 5800 Xpress Music Nokia sold in the first year. With a selling price of around $400 worldwide at the time, it was clear that Nokia had a very successful smartphone.

However, the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music was the beginning of the collapse of the Nokia empire. Although it is a smartphone running Symbian operating system 5th version of the S60, the first version of the S60 to fully support touch screen input, it is clear that the Symbian legacy is starting to weigh on Nokia. Mobile.

If you were in the Nokia bubble back in 2008, you might have found in the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music exactly what you were looking for in a modern day smartphone.

Unfortunately for Nokia, Apple has completely rewritten the rules when it comes to user experience and the UI with iOS is extremely impressive. However, the success of

The success of the 5800 may have actually backfired Nokia, giving management a false sense of security, and perhaps even reinforcing the idea that the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music could completely take the iPhone to its knees.

And then just a year later, the arrival of the Nokia N97 quickly marked a technological setback when it was a phone that both touch and sold physical keys with the troublesome Symbian operating system.

Since then, Nokia’s downfall began with mistakes like choosing Windows Phones over Android and ended up having to constantly sell itself and now belong to HMD Global. However, now it seems that Nokia has begun to stabilize again under the management of HMD Global, although it is still focusing on mid-range and low-priced smartphones, but sales have started to increase and become profitable again. maybe Nokia will soon return to the race track in the future.

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