Nokia C01 Plus price mid-August: Still a smartphone that breaks all the laws of price

Nokia C01 Plus price mid-August: Still a smartphone that breaks all the laws of price

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2022-08-19 02:52:53

For a long time, Nokia C01 Plus has been a champion cheap smartphone in the Vietnamese market, until mid-August 2022, the situation has not changed. If you are looking for a very basic smartphone that can meet the needs of making calls, checking messages, emails. If you are also looking for such a thing, Nokia C01 Plus is the answer.

Cheapest Nokia C01 Plus price in Android smartphone village

Nokia C01 Plus Price

Nokia C01 Plus was launched in June last year. According to the announcement of Nokia Vietnam, this model is priced at 1,990,000 VND. This is one of the very few smartphones on the market that costs less than 2 million VND.

However, at the beginning of August 2022, users can buy Nokia C01 Plus for only VND 1,420,000. This is a cheap price that beats even Xiaomi with the Redmi 9A series.

Nokia C01 Plus comes with many accessories

What to buy Nokia C01 Plus?

Unlike the iPhone or Samsung, they are all trying to cut down on accessories that come with the device. Nokia C01 Plus comes with a lot of accessories. Users will have enough body, cord and charging cable included. Users will not worry about the trouble of finding and buying chargers. Nokia C01 Plus uses a Micro USB charging cable instead of Type-C – a rather old protocol.

Nokia C01 Plus has a compact 5.45-inch LCD screen

Nokia C01 Plus Screen

What makes Nokia C01 Plus cheap is that it uses a 5.45-inch HD+ IPS LCD screen. Although the size and resolution are not too high, the display quality is relatively stable and comfortable for most users.

Basic image quality

It may not be optimal for watching videos, but it’s not bad if users use it to watch youtube or watch movies.

Nokia C01 Plus configuration is very basic

Nokia C01 Plus Configuration

Inside, Nokia C01 Plus uses Spreadtrum SC9863A chip with a maximum clock speed of 1.6 GHz, combined with 2GB RAM and 16GB memory.

The configuration is weak, so Nokia C01 Plus uses Android 11 Go shortened

Although quite modest, this configuration combined with Android Go is shortened, so the operation of the device is quite smooth and meets the basic needs of users such as using video applications, playing light games, surfing social networks. …v…v

The closest low-performance score to the smartphone village of Nokia C01 Plus

Although the performance score of Nokia C01 Plus is not high, the test shows that it is powerful enough to play 30 – 45 minutes of games like Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans without getting hot.

Despite the cheap price, the camera of Nokia C01 Plus is still enough before and after

Camera Nokia C01 Plus

Despite being a cheap model, the Nokia C01 Plus still has a 5MP front and rear camera that is not too bad and can be used to take photos and make basic video calls.

Nokia C01 Plus photography interface is very basic
Photo taken by main camera Nokia C01 Plus, auto mode

Close-up shot of Nokia C01 Plus

Although the image quality is not particularly high and quite pale, if the light is good, the image will be sharp enough to post on social networks. In addition, the camera interface is quite simple and easy to use even for older customers.

Nokia C01 Plus battery and charger

The Nokia C01 Plus lasts all day and a little longer if you use your device in moderation. Its removable 3,000mAh battery is enough to last a day on a single charge.

Nokia C01 Plus uses 3000 mAh battery

Nokia provides a 5W charger in the box, which takes about 2 hours to fill from 0% to 100%. The 5W charger in 2022 is a disappointment. But it should be noted that the price of Nokia C01 Plus can hardly bring something better.


Basically, Nokia C01 Plus with a price from 1,499,000 VND and you have a similar budget, it will be difficult to choose a better smartphone than Nokia C01 Plus.

Nokia C01 Plus is the cheapest smartphone you can buy for VND 1.4 million

Of course, you will have to be content with only very basic features such as making calls, surfing social networks or reading the news. Playing games with Nokia C01 is possible but also very limited because the memory capacity is not high.

At this point, Nokia C01 Plus is also quite suitable as a secondary machine. Besides, Nokia C01 is also suitable to be used as a device for older users. Don’t buy Nokia C01 Plus if you can spend more.

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