Nokia G10 price in August 2022: Causing fever with ‘terrible offers’, has a feature that surpasses the iPhone 11

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2022-08-09 08:14:39

(CHK) Updating the price of unboxing Nokia G10 is causing a fever in the technology world because the advantage is too great in August 2022.

Nokia G10 is currently the most balanced Nokia smartphone between configuration and cheap price in the range of 3 million. Launched in October last year, Nokia G10 is highly appreciated by Vietnamese users in terms of design as well as sufficient configuration. Nokia’s cheapest G series smartphone is considered a rival of Galaxy A03s or vivo Y15s. In early August, Nokia G10 continues to maintain an extremely attractive price and has a point comparable to iPhone 11.

Nokia G10 Price

Nokia G10 is set by HMD Global with a retail price of VND 3,690,000 in the first launch. According to a quick survey at retail systems in mid-August 2022, the selling price of Nokia G10 favored by many agents and stores is only from 3,190,000 VND, equivalent to a reduction of 500 thousand VND. Even if you buy it online, the selling price of Nokia G10 is approximately 3 million VND.

Nokia G10 configuration

Nokia G10 is equipped with Helio G25 chip – this is a low-cost 8-core chip with stable performance, less heat up to 2GHz. This chip is combined with 4GB RAM and minimum internal memory from 64GB to bring the trio to handle all basic applications and balance the best in the segment as of June 2022.

With this configuration, the Nokia G10 can fully meet the needs of surfing social networks, reading news, watching movies and also enough to play popular mobile games like PUBG. With a 5050 mAh battery, the device’s usage time will be maintained for a long time.

Camera Nokia G10

In terms of images, the Nokia G10 is that it has a 6.5-inch LCD screen. The Nokia G10 has a dual camera module consisting of a 13MP main camera and a 2MP depth camera along with an 8MP front camera that can provide basic handling of the needs of users who excel in the segment.

The picture quality of the Nokia G10 is beyond its price range. Photos have good definition and neutral colors, true enough to post on social networks. In general, Nokia G10 is on par with Galaxy A03s, but slightly better in front camera and cheaper price.

Should you buy Nokia G10?

Looking at the configuration and price of Nokia G10 in June 2022, Nokia G10 is slightly better than OPPO A16K in terms of RAM and internal memory parameters, slightly better than OPPO A16K. While the Nokia G10’s Helio G25 chip is not too powerful, it is also relatively stable in terms of balanced and stable performance suitable for diverse usage needs.

Should buy Nokia G10 when

  • You need a smartphone with large RAM, ample memory for storage needs at the cheapest possible price;
  • You need a smartphone as basic as possible and not too expensive.
  • Are you a big fan of Nokia?

Do not buy Nokia G10 if

  • You need a smartphone to play games and take good pictures;
  • You can spend more to buy more expensive smartphones.

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