Nokia’s ‘cheap’ series of devices discovered running promising Android 12

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2022-06-01 03:37:41

(CHK) A series of low-cost Nokia devices have recently been discovered running Android 12, including newly launched phones and tablets in development.

Nokia Mobile seems to be slowing down with the rollout of Android 12 after its release to three devices last December. At least in the last 2 months, there have not been any new updates released.

Starting at the end of March, Nokia gathered some momentum and went on to upgrade three devices this month. Now, Nokia Mobile is half way through with the other 8 eligible devices that haven’t received Android 12 yet.

Out of these 8 devices, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 5.4 and Nokia T20 were spotted running on Android 12 a few months ago. Two other Nokia smartphones, namely the Nokia G21 and Nokia G11, which are now running on Android 12 are the latest models to receive the new update.

Nokia Mobile announced the Nokia G21 and Nokia G11 with Android 11 more than three months ago, which is quite a while after the stable release of Android 12 by Google. The Nokia G21 made an appearance on the browser benchmarking site, HTML5test, as it scored 520 out of 555 points when using Chrome 101, made available to Android by Google on May 9.

On the other hand, Nokia G11 has also appeared on user agent analysis website, WhatIsMyBrowser, using Chrome 90. The upcoming Nokia Mobile tablet has also appeared on WhatIsMyBrowser using Chrome 101.

The Nokia T10, which first appeared under the alias ‘Penguin’ on Google’s ‘Android Device Provisioning Service’ website and whose name was later revealed by @evleaks, can be seen running Android 12 It also hints that upcoming Nokia devices from HMD Global may ship with Android 12.

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